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5 Things Pilots Do On Long Flights You Didn’t Know About

5 Things Pilots Do On Long Flights You Didn’t Know About

When you were a kid, did you ever pretend to be an airline pilot? Did you run around the house joyfully making those silly whoosh noises while you held your arms out to your sides?

What about the make-shift steering wheels and dials we often manufactured out of cardboard or some other useful material in order to take our childhood fantasy one step further?

I’m sure most of our youth daydreamed about airplanes and flying. Many of these goal setting, go-getters grew up and became the pilots that fly our planes today. Do you ever wonder though, if our pilots are still daydreaming while their up there? What do you suppose a pilot does during a long flight while the plane is set in auto mode?

Well, there are quite a few things pilots do in the air but some, we might prefer not to know. There are quite a few rather disturbing things that pilots say and do while in the cockpit of a plane. I’m just going to let you know about five.

1. Pilots need to use the toilet!

Just like everyone else, pilots have their share of bad luck. Imagine being on the plane with the pilot who is just unlucky enough to get himself/herself locked in the bathroom while he/she is supposed to be flying the plane! Yikes!

2. Pilots take naps!

And, just like everybody else, pilots get tired. Would you really want to know that your pilot is taking a catnap while he/she is supposed to be flying the plane?

3. Pilots use their phones!

They say we can’t use our cell phones while in flight, but, however; this rule apparently doesn’t apply to the pilots because they certainly do respond to text messages and many have their iPads going as there are several great aviation apps they use during flight. Now how is that fair? 

4. Pilots can argue!

Now as we mentioned, just like you and me, pilots are human and can get caught up in human emotion. So caught up, they have wound up fist-fighting with crew members in the air. Imagine sitting in your seat and the pilot comes tumbling into the cabin and lands at your feet with a bloody nose! Now what? How does one respond to that? “Hey a, I don’t want to seem insensitive to your injury, Mister/Miss Pilot, but aren’t you supposed to be flying this plane right now?”

5. Pilots can get frisky!

Lastly, while we are on the subject of human emotion, let’s face it all humans get the urge and give in when they are feeling frisky from time to time. It’s also fact that many pilots do fool around with their flight attendants. Yes, pilots do have sex in the air! Haven’t you ever heard of the mile high club? That was probably invented by pilots! I don’t think I would want to be a passenger on the plane where the pilot is too busy getting it on to fly the plane!

There you have it, and I bet you’ll be wandering about all this stuff the next time you fly!

Angela is a freelance writer for the aviation industry and is studying to get her pilots license. For great deals on pilot training materials check out pilotmall.com

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