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5 Things To Do In Las Vegas Hotels That Don’t Involve Gambling

5 Things To Do In Las Vegas Hotels That Don’t Involve Gambling

Bally's Las Vegas Hotel

Bally’s Las Vegas Hotel

Bally’s Hotel

Aside from its grandeur presence in Las Vegas, this hotel has two things that are, according to the locals, worth seeing.

First of all there is a light, water and sound show which is every twenty minutes but the feature that is really quite quirky and cool is the Bally’s moving walkways!

However, if you’re not into those gimmicks that Las Vegas is famous for, Bally’s Hotel has the world famous Indigo Lounge with live music acts and a lively fun atmosphere.

It’s worth a trip to sit where legends sat to enjoy an evening of musical entertainment and if that’s not for you, then there’s also a spa.

Barbary Coast Hotel Las Vegas Hotel

Barbary Coast Hotel Las Vegas Hotel

Barbary Coast Hotel

The Barbary Coast Hotel is the Las Vegas home to many things – previously including the performances of the legendary Elvis Presley!

Fat Elvis is a morbidly obese Elvis impersonator; don’t let his massive size put you off his remarkable performances of the King. His review praise how his vocal is un-cannily like Elvis and his tonal range replication of the late Mr. Presley is almost unbelievable, thus making his performance unmissible!

He performs any Elvis Presley song ever recorded and to make this a point he sends his ‘Fat Elvis Entourage’ out into the awaiting audience for requests before he makes his big entrance.

This is a must see for anyone who would like to experience the King’s music live, even if it is by a guy who could squash you.

Bellagio Las Vegas Hotel

Bellagio Las Vegas Hotel

Bellagio Hotel

Bellagio is a five star hotel in Las Vegas and has a few things to offer besides its luxurious rooms and upper class cuisine.

The Bellagio has a world renowned elaborate fountain show at the front of the impressive structure, which starts every half hour. It can be seen from the streets or from the front of the hotels front porch. The magnificent fountain structure contains 1,200 nozzles for the water and 4,500 lights to dazzle and impress the audience or passersby. If you’d rather explore a dry landscape than risk getting wet, the Bellagio has a beautiful botanical garden consisting of 7,500 flowers, trees and plants on display.

The atriums gardens are changed six to eight times a year so don’t fear it boring you if you should ever return on future visits.

Cesars Palace Las Vegas Hotel

Cesars Palace Las Vegas Hotel

Cesars Palace – Cesar and Cleo

Everyone has heard of Cesar’s Palace, Las Vegas; without a doubt it has to be the most famous casino in the world, never mind Nevada.

At this casino there are two historical figures who wonder the halls waiting for strangers to ask them questions about historical events!

A quirky attraction I think, but if they slip up and get lots of things wrong, it’s worth a laugh in my book. Failing that Cesar’s Palace also offers its own fountain show consisting of two fountains but sadly, not as many lights as at Bellagio’s.

The water feature starts promptly on the hour and can get rather crowded so to be safer and make a quick exit watch from the back.

Ethel. M Chocolates

Ethel. M Chocolates

Ethel. M Chocolates

Ethel M Chocolates is a historical attraction and is something of a hidden story in Las Vegas behind its magnificent lights.

In 1911 a young lady enjoyed making chocolate treats for her close friends and family, as word spread that her chocolate was an amazing dessert the Ethel M Chocolate craze began.

Now there is a store which you can go to and see the Ethel M Chocolate team making the treats which you so desire. Not only can you see the skill in front of your very own eyes but you can also have a go yourself.

The chocolates are traditional recopies with no preservatives or additives and you also get free chocolate handed to you when they’re done.

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