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6 Priceless Benefits of Traveling

6 Priceless Benefits of Traveling

Yes, traveling can be expensive and exhausting, especially if you have to cross several time zones! But it is worth every cent and every late hour spent on the web combing for a great deal on ticket prices.

Travel broadens your perspective, enriches your sense of culture and history, and so much more.

Here are some of the priceless benefits of traveling.

1. Your world gets bigger.

You realize that there are many different kinds of cultures, religions, and cuisines. There is no one way of living or thinking, and that’s what makes people so interesting. You develop a healthy respect for differences and a sense of wonder and curiosity.

2. You know why this planet is so awesome (and why we have to take care of it).

“Environmental aawareness” is no longer some abstract concept. When you see a rainforest, swim in a beautiful lagoon, or hike up a mountain, you experience firsthand what all this green living is trying to save.

3. You develop an interest in different languages.

Language is a way of connecting not just to another person but to a culture and a world. As the great writer Goethe said, “Those who know nothing of foreign languages know nothing of their own.” When I visited Asia, the wonderful literature and culture prompted me to Study Thai. I immediately started researching on how to go to a Thai Language School.

4. You meet new people.

Traveling is a great opportunity to make new friends, whether it’s that couple you shared a table with at a crowded restaurant, or the local guide who so colorfully explained the history of the country doing your all-day tour.

5. Your knowledge of a topic becomes wider and deeper.

It’s one thing to read about a place or even see it on TV, and another to actually go there. Even a trip to a museum can help facts learned from boring elementary school books come to life. Plus, locals can give you information that you would never read about, and their anecdotes and stories are certainly more colorful than anything you’d find in an encyclopedia.

6. You walk away with many memories.

Years from now you will look at the photos and the souvenirs from a trip and smile. These memories will last a lifetime, and are worth more (in the long run) than anything else you’d find in the store. Designer shoes go out of trend, fancy dinners are forgettable, but the lessons and insights from a trip will never go out of style.

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About the author

Elise Campbell calls traveling her “true love.” She makes it a point to travel at least twice a year, and she does her best to make the most out of each trip (such as learning a language so she can connect with locals). Recently, she began to study Thai.

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