6 Reasons To Go Backpacking With A Group

6 Reasons To Go Backpacking With A Group

Backpacking alone is typically the best way for most people to travel around the world for an extended amount of time, but there are many advantages of travelling with a partner or group.

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-The saying “Safety in numbers” is particularly true when your in foreign and unfamiliar land. The chances of getting mugged or attacked is reduced to nearly zero as long as you stick together. On travel days (bus, flight, boat, train) it can be a mess to keep track of all your gear and backpacks but with a group, someone can always watch them if you need to run off for whatever reason. You can be a bit less paranoid and relax more when travelling with people you can rely on.


-In tourism around the world, its almost always significantly cheaper to buy things (accommodations, transportation, attractions) as a couple or group. A solo backpacker will often have to pay for the price of two as a way for the hostel or guesthouse to compensate. Within a group, its easier to borrow money or help out in emergency situations because there is automatic trust. As suppose to asking a stranger in a strange land for money.


-The memories you will obtain from travelling the world alone will be unforgettable but having shared memories with people that are close to you is that much more precious. You will have incredible stories and photos to share with each other for years and years. Even though backpacking alone you will make tons of new friends, there’s something about having those memories with people you will still see once you get back home.


-Whether your shy or a social butterfly, having someone you know always with you is quite comforting. Going to the sights, bars, parties, staying at hostels or even taking public transportation alone can be daunting. Having a friend or few makes it so much easier and less stressful. You will also be less likely to be home sick or lonely when there’s always someone by your side.


-When travelling to unknown places, doing crazy things and eating strange foods, getting sick or hurt is inevitable. You won’t have the luxury of your own bed to crawl in and local pharmacy to get your favorite meds. So naturally, your friend(s) will be there for you until you get better. It sure beats going to a third world hospital or recovering from the flu at a dorm hostel all by yourself.


-You can be the perfect-packer, under-packer or the backpacker who packs for every possible situation but one thing will occur consistently; you will need new gear, sometimes at the most inconvenient time. This could be toothpaste, shampoo, soap, socks, bandages, water, gadget charger or just a shirt. When your within a group, its likely someone has something extra to give you or lend.

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  • Dollie Mccrystal


    my boyfriend is backpacking overseas atm. we’ve not seen one another for 7 days. he will get back next ‘life was imple’.

    we began heading out about 5 days before he disappeared. for the reason that time, we had one another HEAPS, met one anothers families and that he explained he loved me. we’re listed as ‘in a relationship’ on facebook.

    since he’s been gone, he’s e-mailed me a minimum of two times per week. his emails are lengthy. he informs me he loves me, and misses me a lot in each and every email. he is doing such things as

    ‘ i really like you that much XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO’ giving me loads of kisses and hugs.

    anyway. he’s travelling with several 4. its him, another guy and 2 women. another guy is dating among the other women.

    in the latest email, he pointed out they went consuming another guy put up all around the girls’ mattress. this resulted in that my boyfriend needed to sleep inside a double mattress using the other girl (who’s single).

    for that 6 days they have been gone they’ve prevented this. another girl continues to be really against it. now it had been past too far to create other plans also it could not be prevented. apparently she’s so sick she didnt even venture out consuming that evening though.

    i’m feeling so jealous!!! i told him i did not like the thought of him sleeping along with other women even plationically.

    do you consider i’ve got a reason to become annoyed?

    for valentine’s he just Purchased a phone so he is able to call me. his fone hasnt been working ,so for just one telephone call he went of his method to purchase a new phone.

    i believe he cares. but im still jealous.


  • I’m beginning senior high school within the next couple of days, and i’m very nervous! I’m searching for any tips or advice anybody has? ( I do not need any academic or business advice) I will always be shy. Must I play the role of social? Or must i stick to myself? I’ve got a solid number of buddies. I’m very noisy and wild when I am around them. However in school I will always be very quiet, but still friendly.

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