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6 Reasons Why Vagabonds and Backpackers Love Airports

6 Reasons Why Vagabonds and Backpackers Love Airports

Despite the aggressive security, inevitable delays and the nuisance of bad airlines, airports are not only necessary but can also be a great travel experience.

A major difference between frequent and infrequent travelers is how they feel about airports. Vagabonds tend to look forward to the airport almost as much as their intended destination whereas the rare flyer hates (and fears) everything about it. It depends on your perspective, reason for flying and how you use your time at airports.

1) Airports Have Everything You Need – All international and most domestic airports are designed to be like a mini city or a super shopping mall. It may not have everything you want, but it will have everything you need. Accommodations (free and paid), food, apparel, entertainment, security and even showers. Airports are also one of the best places to be stranded while travelling abraod.

2) Airports Can Be A Tourist Attraction - Your local train station is probably just another nondescript building but most international and many domestic airports are quite beautiful. The architecture or even just the fleets of planes is a wonder to see. You can wander the vast halls and levels for hours like a massive museum.

3) Airports Are Great For Sleeping - One of the few public spaces where you won’t be kicked out of or even frowned upon for sleeping at. While not all the seats are made for sleeping, there are almost always empty rows of seats to sprawl yourself on in a nice air conditioned atmosphere with no one to bother you. Depending on when your flight comes in (or out) its a great way to save money on accommodations on your first or last night.

4) Airports Are Culturally Diverse - One of the reasons vagabonds travel the world is to not just see the world, but the different people in it. If your at an international airport, the different types of people and nationalities is countless, its like little bits of various countries coming to you. It may not be the same as seeing monuments, but it is still sightseeing. Also a great place to meet and mingle with people from anywhere and everywhere.

5) Airports Have Electricity And Internet - Whether your a flashpacker, vagabond or an old school backpacker, chances are that the internet and a power source is a lifestyle necessity. Airports are one of the few public spaces where using a power outlet for your personal use won’t be a problem – its actually expected to be used. Free unlimited charging for your gadgets and laptops is a wonderful thing. Finding free Wi-Fi is not as common but nearly all airports do have some sort of public access to the net.

6) Airports Take You Places - The most obvious and biggest reason why vagabonds love airports. A place where you can go to almost anywhere in the world on a whim. The intersection of the world.

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