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6 Safe Travel Tips for Women

6 Safe Travel Tips for Women

It goes without saying that women have to take extra care when travelling. Whilst it’s a serious issue to take into account, there’s no reason any travel ambitions should be thwarted by safety fears as long as care and preparation is taken.

Having kids has put paid to my solo travelling days but I do recall enough to know what is sensible planning for any woman determined to get the most out of her travel plans. So before you start planning your next adventure abroad, check out my list below to make sure you get the most out of the adventure with minimum personal risk.

Research the travel company/provider
This is a must for anyone really but it’s essential you’re fully confident the holiday company or provider is a well-established and regulated one. This may entail checking out industry membership or physically contacting them yourselves armed with any questions you may have. Check with friends or family who may also have travelled with them in the past and do a thorough search on blogs or reviews on line.

Cultural Expectations
Particularly relevant if you’re planning on some far-flung expedition where the cultural expectations of women are very different to those you’re accustomed to. Find out beforehand of any dress restrictions, behavioural codes and stick by them. Whatever your own beliefs, it’s important to remember that safety is first and adapting temporarily to these codes will only keep you safe and well.

Contacts Lists
Ideally, keep a list on your person at all times. It doesn’t require much space in your wallet and it can be the one thing that really helps you out in a difficult situation. Include contacts back home, the address and number of where you’re staying and even a note on the nearest British Embassy. Friends and family should have an itinerary of your movements and contact numbers of where you’re staying. Even on activity holidays, there’s no excuse, just zip it up in a waterproof wallet or liner with your ID.

Fellow Travellers
There are those of us who prefer to travel alone in which case, it can be advantageous to hook up with other female travellers at your destination points. These are relatively easy to research and arrange, either by contacting staff at your accommodation or by joining groups of like-minded female travellers who do this on a regular basis. There’s no obligation to travel alongside one another, it’s just a good way to touch base with other females who are looking out for each other.

No-go areas
Every country has them! Most destinations do unfortunately, but whilst it’s a sad fact of life that these exist, that’s not a good enough reason to avoid visiting new countries, dampening your adventurous spirit. Research where they are, ask locals, your guides and any travelling companions you meet along the way. Be informed, familiarise yourself with where they are and avoid them. Taking responsibility to stay safe is your job and being well informed is one of the best ways to do this.

Attend those meetings!
This is particularly relevant should you be embarking on a travel experience such as volunteer work overseas. There will be meetings where you’ll be given plenty of information on what’s what. These are both relevant and important. Not only will they give you opportunities for questions to be answered, they’ll also give you valuable insight into what is expected of you and how you can stay safe and well and enjoy your experience. This is true of any trip. If there’s an introductory meet and greet, go to it, show your face and be informed.

Biog: Charlie has met some extraordinary female travellers throughout her own travels to the Middle East, East Africa, Europe, New Zealand and North America.

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