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Add These 7 Ideas to Your Bucket List

Add These 7 Ideas to Your Bucket List

So you just watched the bucket list or you feel you need to achieve something in your life.

That’s why you put in leave, strapped on your adventure gear and ripping out the bucket list.

It seems a bit short doesn’t it?

You need a bucket list that has minimum, medium and major adventure appeal mixed in it.

We made a list of a few things we think you should definitely add to your bucket list to have a great time.

Travel the world

If you have the means you should start of one country or nation at a time and work your way through. Do the odd job here or there and build up your finances for the next ticket to your next destination. Go to China and look at their wall, go to Africa and live in the Kruger Park and the wild, paddle a boat in Italy and eventually go back home (if you want). Experiencing new cultures and locations will definitely fulfil a few items on your bucket list.

Bucket List - Backpacking Preikestolen Rock

Bucket List – Backpacking Preikestolen Rock

Yarn Bombing

Yarn bombing is hitting the streets and its making the world a warm and colourful place. People will get a target, for example a statue, and then knit socks, scarves, beanies and gloves for the statue. During the night they will go to the statue and put it on the statue. Go and have a look on Google at all the interesting and crazy yarn bombing attempts.

Take up a new sport

There’s nothing as exciting as taking up a new sport. Even better when you can do an extreme sport like skiing, skydiving, horseback riding or ultimate Frisbee.  Pushing your body to the limit and enjoying the fresh air rushing past your face is an experience everyone should encounter at least once in their life.

Take up a new job

If you don’t like what you’re doing and you have no responsibilities then you should quit your job and follow your passion. If money doesn’t mean anything to you and all you need to do is something that you love then you can’t go wrong. If you want to take it safe then you should start your dream job part time and when it gives you the same job security you currently have then you should quit your boring old job

Write a book

Always thought you had a great idea for a book? Then why not start with your own book. Start creating those characters and settings, talk with your friends about the idea and get feedback. It might take a few months or years but once that book is published you’ll be able to tell all your friends about your book and share your imagination with others.

Go all out and party

Always wanted that massive party? Then do it! Put away all of your valuables and start sending out those invitations. If you don’t want a mega party at your house then you should hire a beach spot or a holiday home and party till the sun comes up, goes down and then up again.

And finally our favourite

Get a book on origami and fold a 1,000 paper cranes. When you’re done walk to someone and give all of them to the stranger, the reaction on their faces are usually priceless. Even if you divide it up in 100’s you should still get a good reaction. The idea here is to give in masses.

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About the author

Ruan Smit enjoys travelling the world and ticking off his bucket list. This year he visited the kruger national park, swam with dolphins, ate a coconut and was in two places at once.

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