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7 Reasons To Explore The World On Foot

7 Reasons To Explore The World On Foot

We cross continents and zip all over the world in planes, trains, boats and automobiles, and more and more people can now proudly point to their passports and boast of the number of countries they have visited. But how many of them can say with any degree of confidence that they have gained an intimate knowledge of the people, customs and lands they have travelled to?  I am going to take a not so wild stab in the dark and say, very few.

Travel broadens the mind so prepare to have yours expanded to the size of a mountain range of encyclopaedias.  Why skim the surface of international travel when you can take life-enhancing adventure tours and dive in to immerse yourself fully.

So here, in no particular order, are the top 7 reasons why it’s better to go backpacking the world on your plates of meat.

Meeting The Locals
While most tourists are insulated in their resorts or stuck on tour buses being guided to pre-selected destinations, you’re up and about having a coffee with a Vietnamese market trader, exchanging shopping tips with some Peruvian housewives or having a home-cooked meal with a Chinese family.  Meeting people from different cultures is one of the most compelling reasons to put your best foot forward.

Exercising The Body Beautiful
Why bother with expensive gym membership, boring treadmills and sweaty personal trainers? Putting one leg in front of the other at a steady pace will have you coming back from your holiday in fitter and firmer shape than when you left. Your body will thank you for giving it a long overdue overhaul. Even one hour of walking at a leisurely pace for a person who weighs around 160 Ibs will burn off approximately 200 calories.  So you can have your cake (well a small slice) and eat it.

Getting Closer to Nature
Walking holidays provide an irresistible opportunity to fully appreciate the beauty and majesty of your surroundings as your senses are awakened and aroused. Zoos and botanical gardens are OK, but walking through a jungle and discovering lost civilizations or trekking in the foothills of the Andes are much more rewarding experience.

Discovering Hidden Gems
One of the greatest pleasures of travelling by foot is that you can simply wander off the

beaten track. Most holiday makers end up at the same old tourist hotspots whilst you are seeing some of the most beautiful, fascinating and intriguing parts of a country. You will find out much more than any travel book or tourist guide could ever hope to teach you.

Avoiding The Traffic
Taking to your feet is not only the greenest form of transport there is but your passage will be untroubled by the honking horns coming from the never ending queues of taxis, cars and minibuses.  Although you may be tempted to, avoid the urge to shout out “so long suckers” as you breeze past the masses going nowhere fast.

Avoiding The Crowds of Tourists
It’s not that you don’t like your fellow man and woman; it’s just that when you’re on holiday you don’t want to be jostling with them as you all try to squeeze into the same mega popular tourist haunts Walking holidays are the perfect antidote as you can get far away from the madding crowds.

Having Endless Choice
Whether you want to walk in the shadow of the pyramids, take the Inca trail or venture on a wild-west trail through the Grand Canyon it’s up to you.  Your holiday can be as strenuous or as gentle as you like.  You set the pace.

So there you go.  All you’ve got to do now is decide which corner of the globe you want to explore first.

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