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$700 Million Vision To Place Grenada On The Global Luxury Map

$700 Million Vision To Place Grenada On The Global Luxury Map

Grenada, or the ‘Island of Spice’, is one of the most beautiful island countries in the world. Consisting of six small islands as well as the main island, Grenada sits just off the North West coast of Trinidad and Tobago.

Due to its vast fields of mace and nutmeg crop, Grenada is one of the world’s largest exporters of spice, and many of its 110,000 strong population continue to work in the harvesting industry.

The islands of Grenada are part of the Commonwealth, meaning Queen Elizabeth II is the country’s head of state, and also Queen of Grenada. Millions of people visit the islands every year to experience the amazing culture, fantastic foods and tropical climate, and Grenada continues to be a getaway holiday destination for the rich and famous.

Due to increased trade and construction during the late 90s, vast progress was made in fiscal reforms, boosting annual growth and attracting important investment. This has also lead to an increase in tourist activity across the islands, however there are still many elements of construction that are lagging behind demand.

Grenada In The Media

The last time Grenada took spotlight in the world media was when the US led an invasion into the country in 1983 – however this may all be about to change. Every year, thousands of products flood the consumer and business markets, transforming the industries in which we work and helping to improve our daily lives.

These products thrive on the attention of the media, and as we see every day, there’s a new smart phone, electric car or environmentally friendly kitchen appliance branded about on our televisions. But what if one of these business ventures had the potential to help an entire country, helping it out of an economic stalemate and thrusting it into the media limelight once more?

Grenada is rarely mentioned within the same breath of Barbados, even though they both share the natural beauty of a stereotypical Caribbean island. With the help of Robin Paterson and Peter de Savary however, things must just be about to change for the better.

$700m Investment

With the help of over $700 million worth of investment, Paterson and de Savary – two infamous Caribbean real estate developers – aim to put Grenada back on the map of luxury. Savary already owns over 30 major projects worldwide, including three marinas and seven championship golf courses. Without relinquishing his UK citizenship, he successfully became a citizen of Grenada in 2003, and was also brought into government as Grenada’s External Investment Ambassador.

Paterson has also been a busy guy, and having made a name for himself in the UK through a number of major property developments, he has since focused his efforts in the Caribbean, most recently the private island of Petit St. Vincent.

Currently, the duo are in the final stages of talks with a number of global investors to turn Grenada into a world-class luxury resort. From 5 star hotels and beach mansions to bespoke hillside villas and yacht clubs, many of the world’s influential celebrities have already expressed major interest in the project. With the resort aiming to be completed by the end of 2015, Paterson and de Savary certainly have their work cut out for them.

This guest post was written on behalf of Cruise.co.uk.

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