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An African Vacation Like No Other

An African Vacation Like No Other

Sprawling savannas complete with rhinos and elephants: your imagination about a vacation to Africa probably includes a vision like this. That part of Africa is alluring, but what’s amazing is that there’s so much more to experience there.

Whether you want to experience Africa by bike or by eating, there’s a unique trip for you to experience. If you’re a real adventurer, you could even consider mixing them together for your own personally designed vacation.

Mix Safari with Luxury Spa Treatments

If you want to experience a safari you could never have imagined, look into the luxury safaris that are being developed all over Africa. For example, Earth Lodge incorporates the natural world into the luxury experience of a five-star resort.

Each morning you’ll be taken on a safari and you’ll return to the Lodge in the evening. Dine in the middle of a small foot pool open to the savannah. Or sit out on your patio in your wading pool.

All of the decor accents the natural beauty of the environment with a luxury twist. If you never thought you’d find a safari that incorporates a spa, well, it’s possible. In fact, you can get a massage in the middle of the savannah or enjoy hydrotherapy. Enjoy the outdoor shower and all of the spa treatments sin unique ingredients from the area. Eco luxury offers a new breed when it comes the African safari.

Biking in Africa

Biking in Africa

See Africa by Bike

If you’re a cyclist, you may be interested in a tour that will take you all the way across Africa from north to south. The Tour d’Afrique takes four months in which time you’ll cover 7500 miles.

From the pyramids in Cairo to the lava roads through Kenya, you’ll see Africa from the unique perspective of a bicycle.

The tour offers several surface textures under wheel and a fascinating vision of the landscape.

At the end of this adventure, you’ll not only have experienced a wide variety of Africa’s land, but you’ll also have the muscles to show for it.

African Cuisine

African Cuisine

Africa for Foodies

If you’re a foodie who also wants to enjoy the safari adventure, consider a gourmet safari such as that offered by Rusthof Gourmet Safaris. On this trip, you’ll explore the unique flavors of Africa with South Africa’s Chef of the Year, Reuben Riffel who is also a renowned South African wildlife expert and safari guide. You’ll stay in a luxurious tent along the way and your chef will also guide you through the wildlife and landscape around you.

Sweni Lodge also offers a high-end culinary experience along with luxurious lodging. They combine safaris with cuisine demonstrations, wine pairings and tastings. The lodge was based off of the lairs and dens found in the vicinity. You’ll have an outdoor shower overlooking the river. If you’re interested in wine, the lodge offers guided tours to several local vineyards. For small groups the lodge will design a private 5-night gourmet safari.

If you’re interested not only in eating food, but in learning how to prepare it according to the experts, Micato’s offers a specific cooking class beyond the culinary experience you’ll have with their own cuisine. Experience their gourmet dishes they make for you and take classes at night after a day of safari. The tour ends with Bedouin-style candlelight dinner in the bush.

A Seychelles Beach

A Seychelles Beach

Add an Island Adventure into the Mix

A short plane-ride away from Kenya, you’ll find the Seychelles, 115 islands stretched across the Indian Ocean. Beautiful white sand beaches span the coast and there are so many islands that you are likely to have a lot of beach time to yourself depending on where you choose to go. The Seychelles is known for its inspiring paradisiacal beach environment and its luxury hotels.

Depending on the island you choose, you can wind surf, snorkel, or hike if you prefer outdoor activities to beachside lounging. If you’re a nature lover, you’ll love the multiple species of birds that can only be found in the SoSeychelles. And don’t miss the giant tortoises swimming in the turquoise water. Adding the Seychelles to you African vacation is a perfect icing on the cake.

Whether you’re biking past the pyramids of Cairo or getting a massage in the middle of the savannah, Africa is truly an incredible experience. Depending on your interests, you can add the elements to your African vacation that will make it your own, very unforgettable experience.

Amie Gottschalk is a travel blogger who recently returned from an exotic vacation to the Seychelles, an island chain off of Africa. You can follow her on Twitter @amiegottschalk.

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