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An Introduction to The Different Lands of Thailand

An Introduction to The Different Lands of Thailand

Tourists travelling to Thailand will find that they have an overwhelming choice of destinations within this culturally and environmentally rich country. Flights to Thailand normally touch down at the vibrant, modern city of Bangkok. From here you can decide whether you wish to explore this bustling metropolis or travel to the more sedate surroundings of Thailand’s northern provinces and the beach-strewn outposts in the south.

Thailand has a great array of colourful and passionate festivals and feast days, religious Buddhist ceremonies or cultural celebrations are all carried out in an atmosphere of energetic partying. Public buildings, houses, cars and the people are all brightly decorated with parades and processions filling the streets and riverbanks.


Bangkok has grown into a massive commercial centre but still retains much of its historical presence. There are over 400 temples, miles of canals with their floating markets and spectacular attractions like the Grand Palace, luscious parklands and entertaining nightlife leaving plenty for visitors to explore.

Islands, Beaches and Eco Tourism

Phucket is the largest of the island paradises off the Thai mainland and a popular spot for lazing on white sandy beaches or diving and snorkelling, especially on the nearby island of Phi Phi.

Krabi on the mainland is a vast swathe of mountains, delicious beaches, forests and gorgeous seas. The town itself has such attractions as the Tiger Temple and the famous Khao Kanab Nam rocks.

Northern Heights and Eastern Delights

Chiang Mai is an increasingly modern city that dates back centuries and for a while was the capital of the Kingdom of Lanna. Tourists flock to this northern city for its cultural events, architecture and the marvellous trips to be enjoyed in the hills, mountains and forests that are on its doorstep.

Pattaya has changed from a small fishing village four decades ago, to become a thriving and sophisticated beach destination. The city offers excellent seaside facilities and plenty of modern shopping and eating opportunities.

Khorat is considered to the gateway to the northeastern provinces of the country and is a city with a good selection of temples and a popular zoo. The area is also blessed with some spectacular scenery and is famous for its archaeological collections that attest to its long history.

One of Thailand’s biggest attractions are the elephant sanctuaries. There are a number of well-planned and maintained centres where these lovely, gentle creatures are cared for. The rescued and rehabilitated creatures are looked after by an army of volunteers who derive great pleasure from the company of these wonderful animals.

Taking flights to Thailand you will discover the combination of thoroughly modern amenities and 21st century technology with ancient Buddhist culture and centuries old traditions. Travelling into Thailand’s interior you will discover beautiful, untamed wildernesses, while the coastline is fringed with green forests, soft sands and clear blue seas.

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