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If this is a subject you have any experience or knowledge in,
becoming a guest writer or permanent author may be for you.



Types of Articles / Posts We Seek

  • News articles of relevant current events and travel trends.
  • General travel posts; tips, thoughts, reviews, destinations, guides.
  • Personal posts about your actual travel experiences.
  • FAQ posts; a short travel related question and thorough answer.
  • Travel photography; single, gallery and essays.


Writing Policies

  • Material must be travel / vagabonding / backpacking related.
  • Material must be completely new, never previously published content.
  • Material may not be republished elsewhere.
  • Actual content will never be changed without your consent with the exception of post titles.
  • Author is the copyright owner, but we have the publication rights.


Credit / Linking

  • Author bios on the top of the page in the sidebar.
  • 2 links to your own non-commercial / personal website in bio or content (travel blogs accepted).
  • 1 link to your own social profile link in bio.


Promotional + Commercial

  • These articles will have a fee to be negotiated before publication, please contact us for details.


Getting Started

Contact us with a short bio, an example article or ideas on what you plan to write, affiliated websites and any questions. Our typical response time is 24 – 72 hours.


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