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Backpackers : Beware of Drugs and Alcohol

Backpackers : Beware of Drugs and Alcohol

Exciting Times
Oh yes, we’ve all been there.  Be it as students or in more “mature” years, travelling and backpacking can be one of the most exciting, fulfilling experiences we ever undertake as individuals.  What we also see is the huge level of literature available to travellers to be wary of what they may experience while visiting these places.  A key pillar of these informational pieces is drugs awareness.  It can be very easy when you’re away and the pressure is off to forget anything else, focus on yourself, you want to have a good time so you’re going to experiment a little bit.

Beware Of The Danger Lurking

Drugs awareness is crucial for any traveller.  Drugs awareness is in fact so crucial that it could potentially save your life, or help you save someone else’s life.  The difficult aspect in many senses is that tourists are quickly targeted by those looking to sell drugs in places where backpackers are traditionally associated.  A vibrant tourist trade means they’re unlikely to be seen again so their material isn’t always genuine, and sometimes nor are their intentions. Authorities and news reports often talk about particularly Western appearing tourists are targeted quickly.  There are numerous reasons for this and the biggest one undoubtedly is money. There are steps you can take to remain drugs aware at all times and ensure you stay safe while travelling abroad.  The biggest is actually an old favourite which it’s worth sticking to at home.  Don’t accept drinks from strangers, in fact, make sure every drink you buy you see the glass the whole time.  Bar staff in tourist hotspots are often culprits of drink spiking looking for victims to drug rape.  Keep alert and vigilant to what you’re drinking too.  Often alcohol bottles abroad can be unclear regarding ABV% and some may not be legitimate alcohol.  Try and locate places where there are friendly staff speaking good English – researching this before you go is always advisable.

Enjoy Yourself
Obviously you want to have fun before returning home and getting a 9-5 and settling into your mundane life.  We’d never discourage that, all we ask is that you observe extra caution and heightened levels of drugs awareness at all times.  Control alcohol intake at all times and keep your wits about you, don’t accept drinks from strangers and don’t take drugs.  Ask yourself if the risk is really worth it?  It could be the last thing you do, after all.

If you want to boost your alcohol and drugs awareness, take a look at Innovation with Substance.

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