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Backpacking Clothing Guide : Pick the Right Clothes for Travel

Backpacking Clothing Guide : Pick the Right Clothes for Travel

Whether you are backpacking, hiking, camping, climbing or trail running, wearing the right clothes is extremely important. Making the right choice of clothing can be the difference between an enjoyable trip and a miserable one. 

With scores of clothing options out there, you need to know where and what to look for. This guide will be a great starting point to find backpacking clothes for men before you embark on your journey.

Layers: More Or Less?

Layers are the key to packing light and they work great for both hot and cold climates. If you will be in a cold climate, you can add layers as necessary – remember a lot of thin layers is better than one or two thick ones. If you’re hot then you can remove the layers, simple! Your packing requirements will be decided prior to your trip obviously, you will already know the general climate however be prepared for all eventualities.

Choosing High Performance Fabrics

Nylon, polyester, cotton, silk, polyester/cotton blend, and plated fabrics are some of the common fabric choices. Whatever your choice is, you must ensure that the material lets your skin breathe well, wicks moisture away, and dries quickly. There are a lot of innovations in materials which mean there are breathable, lightweight fashion items available in almost any style.

While most fabrics tend to block most of the UV rays, special sun protection clothing serves to completely keep off UVA and UVB rays. Insects and bugs can be a real nuisance and can sometimes cause serious health concerns too. Special bug protection clothing that is treated with insecticides effectively protects your skin from ticks, mites, mosquitoes, and any other critters you may encounter on your trip.

Where possible try and pick crease resistant clothing. A lot of specialised backpacker’s clothing may well be anyway, and it means you don’t have to worry about ironing while still looking good.

Where Are The Pockets At?

I’m sure you’re scratching your heads here, however having the pockets in an easily accessible place can be vital for many reasons. Hidden pockets on a shirt or trousers can allow you to carry money discreetly without fear of being accosted by local salesmen, while a pocket on the arms for you to carry an energy bar might be better than a pocket on your chest.

Box Clever

Overall, if you pack in a sensible manner you’ll take all the right things and have a vastly enjoyable trip. There are many resources such as outfit builders which will ensure you put together all of the necessities you need while still looking amazing. Many stores will also carry “holiday shop” checklists too so that you can easily ensure you have all of your travel essentials.

Stylepilot is an online men’s fashion outlet that is designed exclusively for men. It features a large variety of clothes for men.

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