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GEAR : Credit Card Cutlery Set

GEAR : Credit Card Cutlery Set

Most backpackers starting their first journey around the world make the mistake of overpacking and thinking life on the road will be the same as back at home – therefore bringing everything they can think of, including the proverbial kitchen sink. It takes an experienced backpacker or the eventual vagabond to realize and respect the minimal lifestyle. Living off what you truly only need and travelling ultra light. But is there a limit to how minimal one can get?

The Credit Card Cutlery by Inke Hans says no.

A packing list is somewhat of an obsession that all long term travelers fuss about but rarely is cutlery included, unless trekking or camping is planned. But for most backpackers, a spoon and fork isn’t even a consideration. It’s one of those things you probably never knew you needed until it is. However, it still does not make it worth it to carry a set of silverware. Unless of course its one of those things that you can pack, forget about (since it takes up virtually no space) and use it at the specific moment when you do need it – maybe at a hostel where all the utensils are taken or when your at a lovely but forkless family restaurant in India.

- Buy this for $12.00

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