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5 Things to Do While In Singapore

One of the most diverse destinations in the world, the city state of Singapore combines a high tech market economy with a rich colonial past. A long established meeting point for various Asian and world cultures, today’s Singapore represents a tourist hub defined by its international atmosphere and cosmopolitan attractions.

At the same time, Singapore is recommended as a destination that features some of the most unique shopping and food and drink in the Far East, if not the world. Travellers to Singapore should particularly check out the following places:

1 – The Marina Bay Sands

A luxury resort, the Marina Bay Sands combines casinos, boutique shops and an amusement park. Casinos are free to enter for foreigners, while the Sands also includes a high tech range of shopping areas, and a range of celebrity chef designed restaurants. Ideal for soaking up the luxury of Singapore, the Sands are also distinguished by a double helix bridge, one of the most striking examples of contemporary architecture in the region.

2 – Night Safari at Singapore Zoo

The Night Safari at Singapore Zoo is one of the most memorable experiences you can have in the area. The tour can be taken on foot or on a tram, and is particularly ideal for seeing some animals that normally hide during the day. The tour takes around 40 minutes, and is structured to include a mix of Himalayan wildlife and African scenery. The tour is also designed to allow you to witness some of the zoo’s animals in their natural hunting routines.

3 – Shopping

Singapore is one of the best cities in the world for shopping. The city centre is particularly defined by its boutique shopping, as well as the electronics row of Sim Lim Square, and the cluster of shopping malls around the city. Singapore’s Chinatown also has a number of eclectic local stores, while the city plays host to the Great Singapore Sale for two months a year. While Singapore is generally a safe place to visit, it is worth taking out some form of travel insurance if staying in busy areas. Particular kinds of insurance can include loss of possessions cover, as well as any additional health insurance and liability cover.

4 – Art and Galleries

Singapore also acts as a cultural hub for local Malay and wider Asian history. Particularly recommended is the Singapore Art Museum and the National Museum of Singapore. Regular shows are also held at the Art Forum, and the Tzen Gallery in the Tanglin Shopping Centre. For a broader perspective on Asia’s history, see the Asian Civilisations Museum.

5 – Food and Drink

Singapore is renowned for its international blend of gourmet and local food. The city is particularly defined by its Chinese, Thai and world foods, with a Singapore Food Festival held in July. Local Malay food is very eclectic, and includes shellfish, and variations on Peranakan and Nonya cuisine. Particular dishes include chilli crab and laksa, as well as a large amount of spiced food. Chinatown is also worth visiting for authentic noodles and braised pork dishes, while Singapore’s small Indian community provides rich pickings.

In terms of drinking, Singapore has many coffee shops, as well as late night and 24 hour licenses for some bars and clubs. The drinking age in Singapore is 18, and alcohol is generally quite expensive. This is due to alcohol coming under some of Singapore’s higher ‘sin’ taxes.

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