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GEAR : Budwrap Earbud Bracelet Review

GEAR : Budwrap Earbud Bracelet Review

Budwrap is an earbud bracelet perfect for mobility.

As a vagabond, I have an obsession for continuously seeking out the best and most intuitive travel gear. Always “re-gearing” to make myself the most efficient and mobile traveler possible. Even personally customizing my gear to suit my needs. But it was not until the existence of these new Budwraps that I had a viable option for storing and carrying earbuds while traveling the world. There are plenty of cases and clever contraptions to hold earbuds but none are as streamlined or as elegantly simple as these earbud bracelets.

I discovered Budwrap back in November of 2011 on KickStarter and instantly decided to back this project so it can be realized. Not surprisingly, this project exceeded funding by more than doubling the intended goal. The sole inventor of Budwrap is Mark Williams, a graphic designer and teacher from Texas.

“Just a simple product, not too expensive to manufacture and easy to ship to someone’s doorstep.”

Budwrap is a very simple product. In fact, its just a 1 piece injection molded bracelet made entirely of silicone. But that’s why this works. If a product can solve a common problem with extreme simplicity and ease of use, that is a great product. In this case the problem is dealing with earbud wires. Budwrap eliminates inevitable tangles, stores them for easy access and looks quite stylish in red, black or white.

As of this review, only the project backers have these bracelets but you can pre-order them at Budwrap.com with an expected shipping date of March 1st 2012. I imagine they will sell out fast so get your order in. However, I would wait for a larger size to come out if you have large hands. The “one size fits most” will fit skinny to medium size wrists well but may be too tight for larger.

I highly recommend Budwrap to anyone who uses earbuds on a daily basis, travel frequently or have an active lifestyle. Its ingeniously designed, works flawlessly, looks great and is infinitely useful.

Order for $14.99 USD

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