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Choosing The Right Travel Companions

Choosing The Right Travel Companions

Vacation travel planning is often an extremely fun task. It gives you the opportunity to examine different countries, locations and cultures. There’s the chance to dream about the road ahead.

Naturally, when thoughts turn to this subject, we find ourselves considering the great cities of the world, or the wonderful adventures that are open to us. But how much time do we spend thinking about the people that we’ll be travelling with?

This is a surprisingly important issue. It’s tempting to think that vacations are all about the places that you’ll be visiting. In reality, the truth is that people matter. Those that you travel with will shape your experiences, as will the people that you meet.

Friends and Family


For many of us, the first decision about those we will be spending time with comes down to choosing between family members and friends. You may be in the fortunate position of having an overlap here, with your friends commonly socializing with your family.

There are questions here about the dynamic of the travelling party. Just because you enjoy spending a few hours a week playing tennis with a particular friend, for example, does not automatically mean that you’d be able to spend two weeks with them in a foreign country.

In that instance, the problem is partly about not knowing someone well enough. But you also need to appreciate the fact that vacations do sometimes bring a certain level of tension. You need to be sure that you’ll be spending time with someone that has shared interests. The danger here is that choosing to travel with the wrong people can lead to a frustrating experience all round. Indeed, it can actually have an impact on your friendship.

So does this indicate that the safe option is to choose to travel with family member? Although this may appear to make more sense, it’s actually not a guarantee of success. Many of us will know of family feuds that started on vacations. The problem is that such feuds can actually last for years.

It’s dangerous to assume that the vacation will go well, simply because you are related to your travelling companions.

The Planning Stage

Many of the warning signs may be present before you even leave home. When you’re discussing potential vacation options, you may find that your friends start to offer their own views on what they’d like to see or do. Do these match your own views?

It’s inevitable that there will be an element of compromise involved, but you may feel that certain elements of the vacation will be particularly important to you. If so, it certainly makes sense to mention any concerns that you may have at this initial stage. That’s a good way of dealing with problems before they have the chance to destroy the entire experience.

If you’re unable to find suitable compromises at the planning stage, then it may be worth considering whether you might wish to opt for different travel companions.

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Keith Barrett writes on a range of travel subjects. He’s particularly keen on making use of motorhome hire opportunities to create unique vacation experiences.

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