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Cool Places to go While Traveling in Shoreditch, London

Cool Places to go While Traveling in Shoreditch, London

When you get on the trains from Gatwick to London, the world may seem like your oyster as London is such a vast city and has many options. But one place I would suggest every fun seeker to visit is Shoreditch. More recently Shoreditch has been known for the hangout place of the trendy’s, the wannabe’s, the London fashionista’s and the hipster’s.

Walking along Shoreditch High Street I couldn’t help but be enticed by the glittering lights, the bight signs and the sound of laughter coming from all around me. Strangely dressed people rushed wearing weird trends and wacky haircuts, you know the type? The kind your mother warned you about. I couldn’t help but stare… Well that was almost four years ago and my first encounter with the popular area of Shoreditch. I’ve embraced my new life, accepted the weirdo’s and explored Shoreditch and man did I have fun.

From the many cafes, restaurants, art galleries, bars and clubs Shoreditch definitely is the place to hit up if you’re looking for fun. Whether you’re looking for real ales, hard liquor or a classic cocktail, Shoreditch will not fail and has some of the best watering holes in the whole of London.

First on my port of call has to be the ‘Old Blue Last’. On first introduction to this place I was impressed by the welcoming atmosphere and overall grandeur of the place. It’s a real old school English pub complete with Chesterfield sofas and a wide choice of ales and beers from around the world. Upstairs is a small intimate gig space which at times can get a little bit crazy, but what else can you expect from a pub that is owned by Vice magazine.

Next on my hit list is ‘The Book Club’, which appropriately is just situated across the road from the ‘Old Blue Last’ is a cool trendy bar situated in an old Victorian warehouse with exposed brickwork and complete with table tennis and a small pool room downstairs. The bar is very canteen chic and serves a range of bar snacks and various cocktails with some amusing names such as ‘Shoreditch twat’ and ‘don’t go to Dalston’. If you’re up for a lively night then this is the place to head. The only down side with this place is that it can get extremely busy and can take an age to get served at the bar.

One of my most favourite discoveries has to be Ninety-eight Bar and Lounge. This Little hidden gem is hidden under the beautiful period property that is Morrell House on curtain Road. I’m not exaggerating when I say once you’ve walked down the step into bar you’ll be transported to bar heaven. This is truly amazing and can only be described as when toy world crashed into sweet world and created a quirky 1920’s boudoir. If you aim to amaze and surprise your friends definitely bring them here.

Shoreditch is most definitely the place to be if you want to soak up some culture. There are many pop up art galleries within the area. One of my favourite things to do is to walk around and enjoy the street art by the various graffiti artists. Brick lane is also a thriving and exciting area offering plenty of vintage shops, cute cafes and eccentric pubs. One piece of advice is to check out Polly’s Fish and Chip shop at the top of Brick Lane just opposite Spitalfields Market. It has to be right up there in the high competition stakes for doing the best chips in London.

Shoreditch is definitely somewhere to let your hair down and explore another side of London that may tourist fail to. So before you jump on that Gatwick train make sure you experience the best of East London.

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Darren is a freelance writer living and working in London and is interested in learning every thing London has to offer.

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