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Cool Stuff To Do Just Outside Of London

Cool Stuff To Do Just Outside Of London

London is full of really cool stuff to do. In fact, a trip to the capital could amuse you for several months or even years. Sometimes it a good idea to spread your wings and explore the area surrounding London.

There’s some great places to explore without the hustle and bustle of the city. Use a rental car to avoid expensive train journeys, pack a picnic and head for the open road. Although London is magical, there is so much more in the surrounding area.

Get off the tourist trail and head for the gems just outside of London.


Travel Outside of London to Windor Castle, Windsor

Travel Outside of London to Windor Castle, Windsor, England

Windsor is just a short ride from London, only thirteen miles from Heathrow. Windsor is a royal town and if you are into the British royal family then Windsor is a do not miss location. The awesome Windsor Castle is the jewel in Windsor’s crown. The castle is the official home of Her Majesty but luckily the humble tourist is welcome inside. There’s loads of really unique stuff to do here, whether its a tour of the kitchens or watching the changing of the guard. Queen Victoria’s dolls house collection is here, a well as many state rooms that everyone can access. The castle is perched upon a hill to protect it from the enemy but it is also a great place for a picnic lunch.

Anyone who appreciates the noble Lego brick will certainly enjoy the offerings of Legoland. There are giant statues made from Lego, 4d Lego films , rides galore, not to mention high octane rides. More sedate offerings include a Lego model village, depicting London. There is something amusing for all age groups. Legoland have opened (yes, you’ve guessed it) a Lego themed hotel. If your budget stretches to it, this is possibly one of the greatest hotels a kid could stay in. The rooms are all themed and include a kids only area. Even the reception looks as though it was created from Lego. Its certainly worth a look.

The New Forest

Travel Outside of London to The New Forest, England

Travel Outside of London to The New Forest, England

This spectacular ancient forest is one and a half hours drive from London. The New Forest could be another universe in comparison with London.This is a great place to breathe pure air, eat some delicious local food in a two hundred year old pub and get back to nature. There are great places to see other than the forest. Beaulieu is a manor house that houses the national Motor Museum. This is a really great place for the kids, as well as the adults.

Brockenhurst is the village that typifies life in the New Forest – it has thatched roof cottages, wild ponies wander along the road and there is a really nice selection of cafes if you are in the mood for High Tea. It is an idyllic snapshot of a bygone era that is inspiring.

These pictureque loctions are often well worth visiting but as they are so very remote, it is advisable to take your own transport. Try here for some options.

Written by Elizabeth James who writes for Carrentals.co.uk.

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