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Capsule Hotel 9H

Capsule Hotel 9H

This capsule hotel called 9H or 9 Hours is located in Kyoto, Japan.
This hotel takes minimalism and efficiency to the ultimate extreme in not only physical space, but time as well. The photo above are the actual hotel rooms, or capsules. To get some perspective, that is a standard size pillow you see inside the “room”. The hotel name is efficient as well: 1 hour to shower, 7 hours to sleep and 1 hour to rest = 9 Hours. Rates start from about 49,000 Yen ($60 USD) a night. In the eyes of a backpacker or vagabond, these capsule rooms may look like some sort of futuristic hostel dorm.

-coordinates: 35.00349553441905, 135.7668972015381

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