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Destination : Chrysler Building, New York

Destination : Chrysler Building, New York

The Chrysler Building is located in New York City within the United States. The building’s ground breaking occurred September 19, 1928 with completion occurring May 20, 1930. Its design was put forth and carried out by architect William Van Alen at the whim of Walter P. Chrysler.

During its ground breaking it began amidst a very active regional competition to create the world’s tallest skyscraper. Many tourists from around the world visit this historical landmark to admire the design. It is said to be one of the most romantic architectural achievements in history.

History and Construction
The construction was done at a very high pace in lieu of this competition. A worthy tale of its lore in construction is found in that when the building was completed, it was still 60 feet to the lesser in size to the Bank of Manhattan building. In true dramatic flair however, a needle that had been constructed with clandestine care inside the pointed crown, was unveiled in a very short ninety minutes and fit atop the building. This finale made it draw edge in height to even the Eiffel Tower. This made William Van Alen’s jewel of New York City the tallest building in the world. For 11 months it was the tallest building in the world until the Empire State Building in 1931. The Chrysler Building was built with an average rate of around four floors per week. Despite this frantic pace, there were no brutalities during the construction of the magnificent building. In 1976 the building was declared a National Historic Landmark.

Vagabonding the top of the Chrysler Building

Originally, the land was leased by William H. Reynolds, whom was the original person to invoke the building’s design to be drawn up by architect William Van Alen. He, however, failed to raise enough money for the project. In turn, it was then attained by Walter P. Chrysler in 1928. The building was then created for the Chrysler Corporation specifically; however they had no role other than benefactor for use upon completion. Contrary to common thought, the Chrysler Corporation had no hand in the building’s creation or ownership. This was due to Walter P. Chrysler’s decision to pay for its construction himself. He took upon himself the financing of the project so that his children would be able to inherit it. The cost of constructing the building was $15 million dollars.

The building was created in an Art Deco style, and is a classic example of such architecture. The Chrysler Building is held in opinion to many architects as still to be of the finest feats of architecture in New York City.

The building’s construct is comprised of masonry, metal cladding, and a steel frame. Currently, the building has 3,862 windows on its façade, four banks of eight elevators, has 77 floors, within the building. Amazingly, the number of rivets used to make the building is known, and number 391,831.

Fun Facts and Availability

There are many fun facts related to the Chrysler Building. One such thing is the “Cloud Club”. This was a private lounge located at the top of the building. It was used for a place of rest for people during the times of prohibition. There were reserved hidden areas for storage of alcohol kept out of way to those but proud members.

The lobby is the only accessible option for tourists and visitors. The building itself is reserved for office space. Visitors can only admire the art deco lobby with mural ceilings by Edward Trumbull during business hours.

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