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Like many pictures of tropical islands, it looks too amazing to be real. But this capital of the Maldives is very real and very amazing. The Maldives is the smallest Asian country in actual size and population and also happens to be physically the lowest country at just an average of 4ft 11” above sea level. Backpacking through the Maldives can be very costly but staying within the Male city limits will be more budget friendly.

-coordinates: 4°10′N, 73°30′E

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2 Comments on “DESTINATION : Male Island

  • I’m a 24 years old artist from Dallas who’ll soon be going after a masters in visual anthropology in USC. I possibly could live close into USC but i wish to escape the toxic realm of whitened Christian male privelege i’ve resided during my entire existence and live within the “harder” regions of South Central for example W or Compton. Among the finest to obtain nearer to the typical working class individual who continues to be crushed through the capitalist system.

    I’ll be living alone but may be getting my girlfriend stay for some time (we’re within an open relationship and often she stays along with other men/women and it is bisexual). I’m very thinking about the indianapolis music scene as well as in local art, local eating, vegetarianism, maqui berry farmers marketplaces and so forth – can there be anything of the sort in/near compton or within easy reach? I understand Compton or W aren’t exactly island vacation locations however i am eager to get out of this oppressive “American dream” I’ve been living. I’d be residing in South Central and commuting to USC either when walking or by bus/vehicle. I favor to reside in Compton since it is more well-known than these. Thanks!


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