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Difference Between Backpacking Travel and Vacationing / Holidaying?

Difference Between Backpacking Travel and Vacationing / Holidaying?

When you think of travelling, what is the first thing that enters your mind? Do you see various hotel rooms from where you can explore all the sights and attractions that your destination has to offer, or do you prefer to go for low cost hostels with everything you need in your backpack? There has always been some debate over what constitutes “proper” travel.

For some it is the feeling of getting back to basics by staying in shared accommodation or trekking through largely undiscovered regions to get off the beaten track. Others prefer somewhere a little more luxurious whilst they are making the most of their time away.

It’s what you do that counts…


When it comes down to it the real differences between backpacking and “regular” travel are actually very minimal. In reality it doesn’t matter how you choose to get around or where you stay; it’s what you do with your time away that really counts. That being said, when it comes to getting to grips with an area, walking or activity holidays can really show you a side of local life that you won’t get from a standard package deal.

Many regular holidays don’t really allow you to see the true culture of the country you are visiting. Most of the well-known tourist spots have become too crowded and commercialised to allow you to truly experience what the area has to offer. This is where travelling light with everything you need in your backpack can enable you to make the most of activities that will fulfil your sense of adventure. It is definitely one of the best ways to get away from the crowds and satisfy your wanderlust.

Choosing the right holiday to get a real taste of adventure…

Going on walking holidays can be a great way to explore areas that you would never get to see on a “regular” vacation. Some of the treks can be quite arduous, so this isn’t a vacation for the unfit or fainthearted. If you prefer to spend your holiday lazing by the pool, this kind of trip probably isn’t for you. For those who like to see the world with their rucksack on their back, taking a trek through some of the world’s most beautiful regions can leave you with memories to last a lifetime.

Similarly, adventure holidays that explore regions of beautiful natural wildlife or areas of great cultural significance can give you so much more than an all-inclusive deal at a fancy hotel. There is so much more freedom when you get off the beaten track, whether you are cycling or trekking, with a holiday that appeals to your sense of adventure.

Getting off the beaten track to make the most of your vacation experience…

While there are many great resorts out there where you can spend a couple of weeks relaxing in the sun, for many more adventurous travellers the only way to see a country is to get out and explore. The freedom of travelling from place to place whilst getting away from the traditional tourist mindset is a real eye opener and will allow you to experience so much more whilst you are away from home.

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Tabitha Innes writes regularly on walking holidays and activity holidays for a wide range of travel websites and blogs.

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