Do Not Use Camera / Laptop Specialty Bags

Do Not Use Camera / Laptop Specialty Bags

When your vagabonding or backpacking in just about any foreign country and your lugging around a laptop or camera specific bag, its like smearing your body with fish blood and swimming around in shark territory. Except the sharks are the local thieves, but it IS their territory. And some thieves are extremely keen on hunting, just like sharks. They see these specialized bags as prime targets as it confirms the value of the contents of that bag. Also, these specialty bags are usually designed so that the laptop or camera are very easily accessible – this is another plus for crafty thieves. They can snatch it in a crowd, during a bus ride or even while your walking. Don’t be a tourist, be a vagabond.

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  • It’s my very first time to create a plan to choose overseas travelling, but there’s an issue for me personally. How do i use money after i visit foreign country? I’d rather not exchange money and drive them on my small bags. In addition, the amount of cash is also limited. So how do i use money after i visit foreign country? Must I use charge card? Or? Someone has good suggestions?

  • When you’re in a foreign country, where do put forth get the dollars exchanged for local currency?

    It is possible to method for you to exchange it the following within the U.S.?

  • I’m going on my small first cruise in the finish of the month. Must i take something beside me that’s difficult to spend?……My Laptop. i’ll be gone for 7days. Is $100.00 dollars each day enough investing money? I’m a frugal shopper, so purchasing designer is unthinkable, unless of course obviously it’s marked way lower, like 75% or even more :-) (i will belize, honduras, costa maya mexico, and caymen islands)

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