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How Drug Users Hide Their Stash While Traveling

How Drug Users Hide Their Stash While Traveling

People who use drugs take many risks just to have their drugs with them.

Even when traveling, users risk their safety so that they can have their precious drugs.

Many individuals do not seem to comprehend that carrying illegal substances is a serious crime.

Even those who bring with them prescribed drugs are questioned intensively in some countries.

Penalties and Incarceration

In most countries, being caught with illegal substances is a serious offense. Punishment involves paying penalties and becoming imprisoned in a foreign country. Some countries, such as Singapore, Iran, and Algeria, impose the death penalty to offenders.

Most nations, including the US, inflict ruthless penalties to drug smugglers as they have a zero-tolerance policy against those who deal or smuggle illegal drugs.

Those caught with drugs cannot use ignorance as an excuse for their actions. They cannot say that they weren’t aware of the foreign policies governing drug possession.

Individuals who travel must have some knowledge of the laws and regulations of the countries that they will be visiting so that they’ll be able to avoid being caught doing activities that may be considered as unlawful. As for illegal substances, the punishment is often severe for anyone accused of narcotic-related charges.

How Users Hide Their Illegal Stash

In Baggage

Hide drugs stash in backpack while travel backpacking

Hide drugs stash in backpack while travel backpacking

A lot of people think that they can easily hide their drugs in the secret compartments of their baggage.

This could’ve worked in the past.

But now, the technologies for detecting drugs at airports, sea ports and other points of entry to another place or country are more advanced. Still, there are devious people who manufacture bags that can be used by travelers to conceal their drugs.

Such bags don’t make drugs obvious as these go through x-ray machines.

But drug smugglers shouldn’t be smug about this as authorities also use other methods to detect drugs, such as employing drug-sniffing dogs that can easily detect illegal substances even when these are very carefully packed and hidden.

In Shoes

It may be an old method, but many individuals still use this. Here, holes are made in the heels of shoes so that small packets of drugs can be hidden inside. Platform shoes are very popular options as the heels provide more room to conceal illegal substances. However, drugs could show in x-rays.

When people travel, they are often asked to remove their socks and shoes so that these can be properly x-rayed.

In Make-up Kits or Cigarette Cases

So many individuals, even popular entertainers, have been caught red-handed with drugs that they concealed in their make-up kits or cigarette holders. Apart from being detected on x-rays, security also checks carryon bags.

It is now common for airport security to conduct intensive searches, which is vastly different from traditional search methods, wherein authorities just moved things around. When doing an intensive search, authorities carefully check an entire bag.

This means that small kits or cases will be examined.

There are still so many ways that people carry drugs. Some of them are able to get through security, but most of them don’t. If you do not want to risk your safety, and the safety of your family, avoid carrying illegal substances when going to other countries.

If you need to carry prescribed drugs, make sure that you have the prescription with you. Furthermore, keep medicines in their original containers and only carry a small amount.

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