Enjoying an East Coast Australia Adventure

Enjoying an East Coast Australia Adventure

Going for a backpacking holiday far from home presents a great opportunity to relax and experience something new.

You get to meet new people, learn about different cultures etcetera.

If you are thinking of travelling somewhere new and experience the best adventures ever then the East coast of Australia is where you need to be.

There are so many places that you can visit, so many things you can do and see in this part of the world that will forever be etched in your memory.

Where best to start your tour of the East coast of Australia than in the beautiful city of Sydney. One thing that you should know about Sydney is that it offers the luxuries of modern living without compromising on the laid-back, chilled out aspect. When you land here you will definitely love the no hurry, no stress way of living. The beaches are great and the sun always reports right on time pretty much every day. You cannot say you visited Sydney without taking a few photos against the backdrop of the Sydney Opera house.

Backpacking the Blue Mountains, Australia

Backpacking the Blue Mountains, Australia

For most people, when they think of Australia it is hard not to have a passing though of Kangaroos; and Kangaroos you will see in the East Coast of this lovely country. Not too far from Sydney are the Blue Mountains; now if you want the best adventure of your life this is where you should go.

Going to the Blue Mountains will involve a great deal of hiking through the woods; you will be able to take in a great deal of beauty including cascading waterfalls and beautiful geological formations. Once you get to the Blue Mountains, you will see quite a number of Kangaroos hopping around; you can go ahead and take all the pictures you want to keep the memories with you.

You will not want to miss the Great Barrier Reef while you are on this side of the planet; as you might be aware; this is the largest of all the coral reefs on the planet. The beauty of this natural wonder will leave you baffled more so when you get really close to it. You can go on a guided diving tour; but of course you will not be able to see the entire formation in one dive and so you are allowed up to eleven diving expeditions to savor a big chunk of this natural beauty.

Backpacking the Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Backpacking the Great Barrier Reef, Australia

If you want something entirely different and crazy, you can make your way to the Kroombit Cattle Station and fight it out with a goat, yes you read that right! While here, you will be allowed to get into an ‘arena’ with a goat and wrestle it out to determine the superior species; word of advice however: watch out for the horns.

With all the coast line available to you, it would be a crime not to try your hand at surfing. Forget about whether you have ever done it before or not. Before you can grab the surf board and start chasing ten-foot waves however, you may want to get a few lessons.

There are so many beach hostels on the East Coast that provide surf boards to their customers at no extra cost. Surfing lessons are available at the Spot X surf camp where expert surfers will help you master the art. This camp is located in New South Wales; if you get in an amateur you will definitely come out a professional in your own right.

Backpacker Paragliding in Cairn, Australia

Backpacker Paragliding in Cairn, Australia

Cairns is a beautiful tropical city that you must visit as you go about touring the East Coast of Australia. It has got everything an adventure seeker is searching for.

You can see beautiful mountains, waterfalls, lava tunnels just to mention a few.

You can go biking in the mountains, jump off an airplane-with a parachute of course or go canoeing in the open sea, it is all up to you.

While still in Cairns, you can make your way to the Johnstone River Crocodile Park and see what crocodile Dundee had to deal with. You will witness feeding time with the crocodiles gobbling kilos of meat dangling from the unprotected hands of park workers.

To say the least backpacking the East Coast of Australia will leave you totally thrilled.

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  • Lizzie Galatioto

    I am travelling lower the new england of Australia (Cairns right through to Melbourne) with the month of June. Any original places worth visitng? Obviously I’m going to be visiting the great barrier reef and Sydney Opera House etc however i would like to go to a couple of more original, maybe less touristy places. Any suggestions?

  • I must perform a large look for rental fees (apartment/studio) on the majority of the Australian coast. I’m moving to Australia, but does not genuinely have any preferences.

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    I’m not familiare using the city or street names, so it must be some type of map or perhaps an option that states something similar to “distance from coast”.

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  • want to visit oz in this summer for 3 days but wish to make certain i dont waste d three days n see sum brill places any ideas how to start where you can finish n wat to determine among??!!

  • We’ll soon be relocating from China to Australia. What’s the best and many economical method to ship our pieces of furniture and whitegoods? I do not think we’ll have sufficient for any whole container.

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