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Experience Australia: Things to do for the Adventurous Tourist

Experience Australia: Things to do for the Adventurous Tourist

With its pristine beaches, old-growth forests and wildlife you can’t find anywhere else, Australia has numerous choices for adventurous travelers. From sailing trips to long-distance hikes and four-wheel-drive expeditions, there’s a lot to see and do Down Under.

Every Journey is an Adventure

With its rugged terrain and long distances, many excursions in Australia are tailor-made for adventurers. You can traverse the northern part of the country on Savannah Way, which begins in Cairns and ends in Broome. Or, you can trek from north to south on Explorers Highway, which goes all the way from Darwin to Adelaide. The South Australian Loop will allow you to climb all the way up to Wilpena Pound, walk Heysen Trail or explore the shipwrecks at Kangaroo Island.

Scuba Diving with Coral

Scuba Diving in Australia

Diving Deep

Australia is rich in reefs and islands, and as such it’s a diver’s paradise. The waters there hold a rich variety of marine life; there are over four thousand species of fish and the continent has the most diverse sea grass population. You can swim with whale sharks on Ningaloo Reef, or visit the dolphins and sea lions on the Eyre Peninsula. There are diving classes held on the Great Barrier Reef (which is the largest single living organism on Earth), or you can snorkel in Sydney’s sheltered Clovelly. The Mornington Peninsula has submerged ships to explore, or you can see the underwater caves of Tasmania’s eastern coast.

Backpacker Surfing

Surfing in Australia


The beaches of Australia have some of the best surfing in the world, as waters from the Pacific, Indian and Southern Oceans come together. Bells Beach is the gateway to the Surf Coast of Victoria, and Byron Bay and Newcastle offer superior surfing as well. You can hang loose in Burleigh Heads, or drift along the waves at the Gold Coast’s Snapper Rocks. South Australia has abundant surf too, especially in Esperance, Perth and Margaret River. If you’re really brave, you can try the swells at Bruny Island, Hobart, Launceston or Marrawah.

Kayaking and Backpacking Travel

Kayaking in Australia

Kayaking and Canoeing

From slow-moving backwaters and inlets to beautiful gorges and rivers, Australia has many places to get your paddles wet. You can canoe down the Blackwood River, which lazes its way through the southwestern part of West Australia, or you can find your way through the waterways of the Coorong in South Australia. If you’re into sea kayaking, there’s plenty to like in St. Kilda Beach, or the Harbour Bridge in Sydney. Whitewater rafters will love it in Queensland’s Tully River, or the Franklin River in Tasmania.

There are so many things to do in Australia that we couldn’t cover them all in one article. Whether you’re into deep sea diving or just drifting along a lazy river, or you like the physical exertion of a long hike through the bush, there’s plenty to love on the world’s largest island.

This article was put together by the team at Sport Lived – who can help you make the most of your gap year in Argentina and Australia.

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