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Explore Milford Sound On Your New Zealand Backpacking Odyssey

Explore Milford Sound On Your New Zealand Backpacking Odyssey

Milford Sound is actually a fjord situated on the South Island of New Zealand within Fiordland National Park. The country has no dearth of nature’s attractions. However, Milford Sound is one of the most captivating tourist attractions in New Zealand.

Every year, thousands of travelers from all across the globe visit this place to take a walk in lap of nature.

If you are an Independent traveler planning a trip to Milford Sound in New Zealand, this post will help you to learn about the best places to eat and stay, explore the best transport options, guide in planning excursions, know the best places to visit during your backpacking trip.

How To Get There

As in the case of most of the foreign tourists, if you are arriving to the country through Queenstown, you can easily find a bus ride to Milford Sound or hire a rental car. Regardless if you choose to travel by bus or car, the journey will take around three and a half hour.

A road trip from Te Anau, a picturesque small town located 113 kilometer away from Milford Sound, offers one of the most scenic drives on the earth taking you to the heart-stopping landscapes of the South Island of New Zealand.

This 90 minute itinerary travel through the world-famous Homer Tunnel, along the magnificent Mirror Lakes and on the cliff-side roads of State Highway 94. If budget is not a constraint and if you have a head for heights, board a plane to get around Milford Sound. You can easily get a chartered flight from Queenstown.

Most Interesting Things To Do

Backpacking New Zealand's Milford Sound

Backpacking New Zealand’s Milford Sound

You will not find any shopping mall or a modern entertainment place in Milford Sound. But you can certainly make your backpacking trip full of adventure and fun by strolling through the Milford track; it takes four days to complete this itinerary and it is a great way to explore this marvelous fjord from all angles as feasible.

You will come across many good lodges to stay at while walking on this track, so you need not to carry too many supplies with you. A cruise ride and kayaking on the sound will surely make you return home with a bunch of unforgettable memories.
What Are The Best Places to Stay And Dine At

Being a rural location, Milford Sound boasts of a limited number of places to shop, stay and dine. The Blue Duck Cafe & Bar is indeed a great place to try a variety of foods and beverages in Milford. There are a few budget accommodation mainly used by hikers on the Milford track. However, you can experience world-class facilities and amenities at luxury Milford Sound Lodge.

Top Tourist Attractions

If you’re not short on time, it is a great idea to add a few more regional attractions into your Milford Sound itinerary. Queenstown, a resort town in the south-west of New Zealand’s South Island, is one of the most visited destinations after Milford Sound. The jaw-dropping mountain range and the incredibly beautiful Lake Wakatipu are two major attractions of Queenstown.

Getting an opportunity to explore the breathtaking nature’s scenery of Milford Sound is an experience of a lifetime. Hope this guide will help you make the most of your trip.

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