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FAQ : I Can Afford Hotels, Should I Still Hostel?

FAQ : I Can Afford Hotels, Should I Still Hostel?


– Yes. When traveling the world as a vagabond or backpacker, hostels should be your choice 8 out of 10 times.

Whether you can afford 5 star hotels on a daily basis for an indefinite amount of time or your budget forces you to stay at hostels, for most people of any age, this is the best type of accommodation for this type of travel. In fact, in some parts of the world, RTW backpacking is called “hostelling”. Traveling the world continuously is expensive which is part of the reason hostels are so attractive to backpackers, the price. But beyond that, hostels can give you an experience and environment no 3, 4, 5 star or even diamond rated hotels can offer; Other like minded travelers doing the exact same thing you are with instant social chemistry in a place that feels like a friend’s inviting home.

Hostels are great for solo vagabonds, group backpackers and even traveling families. At fancy hotels, you may have access to a well connected concierge but at hostels, the guests and entire staff can be an even better one as well as a new and genuine friend, that you don’t have to tip.

Traveling alone? No problem. Staying at hostels will often create situations where you will join with other solo, couples or groups to travel for the day, week or even longer to see a city or border jump. You won’t get these opportunities at hotels.

There are times when a standard hotel could be the better choice; you are sick and need a private place to recuperate, you need a rest from the hostel scene, you need some privacy for intimacy or work, and if there are no hostel vacancies.

Hostels shouldn’t just be considered a place to sleep at, it should and is part of the experience and methodology of long term around the world travel. Tell us your hostel experience in the comments…

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