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FAQ : Will I Meet Other Backpackers While Traveling?


– Yes. You will meet and befriend many a backpacker while backpacking.

Whether you are traveling the typical backpacker route or intentionally going to the least traveled places, you will always find fellow backpackers along the way eager to start up a chat, share a taxi or even cross borders with you. It’s inevitable.

There’s a certain bond and respect between backpackers that is so apparent and universal that once you really get into the groove of backpacking, meeting others like yourself will become just as much of travel as… travel.

Oddly enough, solo backpackers tend to meet other backpackers more often than when traveling as a couple or group. If your shy, no sweat. Just hang around the hostel common area or anywhere backpackers are lurking and you’ll be swapping travel stories in no time.


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