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FAQ : What Type Of Footwear Should I Pack?

FAQ : What Type Of Footwear Should I Pack?


– For almost any round the world itinerary or backpacking trip, you should bring: 1 pair of hiking / sport / work boots OR 1 pair of sneakers WITH 1 pair of flip-flops / sandals.

So that’s 2 pairs of footwear. One of them you can always wear giving you less to pack and carry. Even with just 1 more pair of shoes, it takes up a significant amount of precious space. This rule applies to both men and women, for trips lasting a month, a year or even indefinitely. Unless you plan on doing some very specialized trekking or ball room dancing, you really don’t need more than 2 pairs of footwear.

A skilled vagabond can travel the entire globe for years with just a single pair of well made travel boots or durable sneakers. The need for a pair of hiking or sporty shoes is obvious, but the flip-flops may not seem all the important if you don’t plan on going to any beaches or if your simply not a “flip-flop” kind of person. The flip-flops will come in handy in winter or summer if you plan on staying at hostels and guesthouses, for the potentially hazardous shower floors that it.

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