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Forget Backpacking, Try These Great U.S. Road Trips

Forget Backpacking, Try These Great U.S. Road Trips

The road trip has been an American tradition for years. Taking road trips was popular since the advent of the highway system, but became especially popular back in the 1960’s. “Road tripping” was an American pastime made famous by writers like Jack Kerouac and folk musicians like Pete Seeger, and was representative of different sentiments at different times. The open road for many still has a draw, and can symbolize freedom and adventure for many.

Backpacking and Road Trips

Right of Passage

Road tripping in America has a rich history, and there are still reasons why the US is a great place for a road-based adventure. For example, despite modern development projects and cities, there still remain many naturally open spaces for scenic vistas, many of which are accessible by car. The country is huge and drivers from all over the world can come and explore through automobile. Here are some exciting possibilities for the auto adventurers wanting to take historically interesting trips through the US.

The Cliché – Route 66; Still a Good Time

Get Your Kicks on Route 66. The epicenter of road trip culture for years, route 66 is still a main thorough faire for many road trip seekers.  Even though the route is not always marked today with the famous 66, locals and tour books have a very detailed guide for interested travelers, and there are still many remnants of history to seek and explore. One of the primary stops is through Albuquerque, New Mexico, where you can visit historic old town, see remnants of the old auto tour culture, and even stay in a renovated motor lodge.

Road Less Traveled

Mount Rushmore is a heartland destination for travelers from all over the world. However, with sights in the surrounding areas like the scenic Black Hills, Badlands, Deadwood, Sturgis, Wall Drug, and Crazy Horse in surrounding hours surrounding Mount Rushmore, many either choose to drive to the mountain with the heads of the US presidents Lincoln, Jefferson, Washington and Roosevelt, or end up renting cars to explore the surrounding beauty for themselves. This area of the country offers many historic sites of interest, including famous ghost towns and tourist traps, horseback rides, and sites of battle the Lakota Tribal Warriors (frequently referred to by the name Sioux as well)and General Custer’s troops. Join the other legends of the West like Calamity Jane and Wild Bill Hickok, to name a few, in South Dakota, Wyoming, Nebraska, and Montana, and set your sites on historic adventure.


Oregon Trail road trips used to be very popular in the 1980’s, but the routes for those trips are still stunningly beautiful. If you are relocating from one coast to another, why not take the route that some of the first European American explorers Lewis and Clark, and modern bloggers journal about, or even listen to audio books about the Oregon trail during your journey.  Seeing the cross-country path from Massachusetts to Oregon and back for yourself will help you experience this historic path for yourself, and pave the own way for your educational adventure.

The Shore

Another historic road trip route in the US spans the entire East Coast, and can be both scenic and educational. Spanning the beginnings of modern American culture and governmental changes, Route One road trips can bring more adventure into your East Coast vacation. This highway is the oldest designated road for the East Coast, and covers many interesting historical landmarks. Some of the landmarks of interest include a drag racing museum in North Carolina, Maine’s oldest functioning lighthouse, and largest electric railway museum. However, this unique and vibrant route spans so many states, that it is impossible not to find something that interests you along the way.

Many families and adventurers are taking to the open road before the cost of gas raises even more. Don’t lose the chance to explore America with a historic road trip through one of the many beautiful routes that America has to offer.

Who can argue the mixed blessing of a road trip. The wind in your hair, gorgeous scenery, new food, new people, cramped quarters, the debate over radio stations, kids fighting in the back…whatever your path in life, a road trip fits the bill. The United States is an amazing place, simply stunning in its beauty and diversity. Take advantage; enjoy the summer! But go prepared. find an appropriate car insurance policy for all roads you travel using the online insurance quotes at www.insuranceswami.com.

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