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GEAR : Boxers / Underwear With Hidden Pocket & Stash

GEAR : Boxers / Underwear With Hidden Pocket & Stash

Vagabonds and backpackers love pockets, compartments, clever packing and the occasional hidden stash area. Whether it be emergency cash, “pharmaceuticals” or credit cards, every traveler should utilize them in any way possible.

The SD stash boxers thongs available for women by Smuggling Duds is the perfect underwear for the constant traveler. The 3 most important things to a backpacker is their passport, credit/debit cards and cash. These clever boxers takes care of 2 of those with minimal effort. So even if you get robbed all the way down to your underwear, you still have that stash of cash to save your ass.

Made from 95% cotton and 5% elastane. Comes with a reusable – high quality zip lock bag that can also be used as a mini laundry sack, toiletry kit, liquid container bag for airports or a supplemental bag organizer for your backpack.

-Buy these for $20+

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