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GEAR : Built Cargo Travel Organizer

GEAR : Built Cargo Travel Organizer

A common problem with even the most experienced backpacker / flashpacker is not organizing their packs, but sub-organizing within.

Rolling up those shirts and pants are a breeze, but where do all those little accessories go after the camera, laptop, iPad and other gear are snug inside your backpack? You can put them in a side pocket here, shoved between the socks there, but it can be overbearing when you have a lot of a little things that don’t have a specific or ideal place for them.

With the Built NY Cargo Travel Organizer, you can easily and efficiently have a place for the smaller but necessary accessories like; extra batteries, chargers, cables, headphones, contact lenses, glasses or anything else. Has 4 pockets of variable sizes to securely fit in those little things. Made from neoprene, the wetsuit material, which gives impact, water protection and stretches with ease for the larger things.

-Buy this for $19.00 +/-

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