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GEAR : Gold / Titanium Collapsible Compass & Sundial Pendant

GEAR : Gold / Titanium Collapsible Compass & Sundial Pendant

There are far more things you shouldn’t bring while travel backpacking around the world than there are things you should pack and jewelry is on the top of the list of things to leave behind. In fact, I wrote about this on EVASER’s “50 Backpacking Travel Tips” page as # 9.

But like any rule, there can always be an exception. That exception is the Gold / Titanium Collapsible Compass & Sundial Pendant by Meister. A piece of high-end jewelry that’s as beautiful as it is functional, for travel and navigation.

Available as a collapsible compass or a sundial, these fully operational pendants are made from titanium and 18K gold about the size of an large coin. Just keep it on a chain around your neck and use it whenever you need to do some navigating, or just make pretend you need direction and whip out the pendant and show it off. These would also make the perfect gift to backpackers and hardcore travelers alike.

-Buy This for $3,000

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