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How to Navigate High Security Airports

How to Navigate High Security Airports

Security has been beefed up in every airport around the world during the 2000s, from regional airports to international ones.

Most travelers by now have the drill down pat. They arrive early, wear slip on shoes, put their liquids in little baggies, and get in as good of a mood as possible so they can keep cordial with the many different levels of security.

However, if you have a trip planned to an area which features higher security airports such as Jerusalem or another city in Israel, then there are a few tips you should now for navigating the highest security airports in the world, so you won’t get stuck for hours, and will be able to arrive to your hostel in a good mood.

Tip #1: Time

While all countries suggest showing up 2-3 hours before an international flight, you’ve probably discovered that for your local airport you can get away with breezing in just an hour and a half before hand and still have time to get a coffee. This however, is not true for airports in Israel. It is essential you give yourself 3 hours to get through security and navigate the airport, just to ensure you don’t miss your flight.

Tip #2: Pay Attention

The standard routine of taking your laptop out of your bag and removing your shoes and belt may not be the same in international airports with extensive security. Some airports will have a small machine that allows security to check for weapons in shoes without you having to remove them. Don’t hold up the line by jumping to conclusions about what you need to do to get through security. Instead, listen to the security professionals and read signs, being prepared for something out of the ordinary.

Tip #3: Be Prepared to be Approached

Always have your passport nearby and be prepared to present your papers and ticket to security guards that are moving around the terminal. Sometimes these security guards will be working undercover. Always be sure you are shown proper qualifications before handing over your passport however, and stay with the guard and your passport at all times. Also, some guards will have dogs or technological “pens” with the ability to detect materials used to build explosives. There is a chance you will need to have your bag searched, so be sure to keep your bag tidy.

Tip #4: Plan Ahead

Take the time to check out a map on the airport’s website ahead of time in your native language so you won’t get stuck in the wrong concourse, lost, and subsequently late for your flight. By entering the airport in the most ideal place, you will save time, reduce the amount of possible mistakes such as losing luggage, being separated from your party, and more.

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