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FAQ : How Do I Pack And Travel Ultralight?

FAQ : How Do I Pack And Travel Ultralight?


– Bring a small backpack and pack only what your comfort survival requires and no more than the allowed carry on for flights.

The art of backpack packing for long term around the world travel can easily be mastered even though overpacking is still one of the most common mistakes backpackers and vacationers make – even travel jaded vagabonds. Most people learn the hard way of packing way too much by realizing the fatal error after a month of backpacking a [90 liter cargo bag]. You really don’t need much. You can easily get by on the perfectly [balanced 40 liter backpack]. But a real pro could travel the entire world for a year or more on just a [15 – 25 liter daypack].

You can also force yourself to pack ultra light by committing to a small backpack and then packing it to no more than 85% capacity. This helps you pack not just exactly what you really need but forces you to not overpack. The problem with overpacking begins with most people because the first thing they buy is a huge backpack and then figure out what to pack – this causes unnecessary items just for the sake of filling the bag up.

Read our [packing guide] for essential, primary and secondary gear as well as a list of items not to pack.

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