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How To Plan A Bachelorette / Hen Party Weekend In Amsterdam

How To Plan A Bachelorette / Hen Party Weekend In Amsterdam

Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands and is located in the northern part of Holland. The city is a very popular tourist destination, and is a particularly popular place to hold a hen party. Amsterdam has such a wide variety of activities on offer, at very reasonable prices, so there is no wonder it is visited by so many people.

If you’re looking for an exciting and vibrant place to hold your own, or someone else’s, hen party then Amsterdam is the perfect place. Below is a short guide with lots of tips of how to plan a top hen weekend in Amsterdam, whatever theme or style you’re looking for.

Relaxing Bachelorette / Hen Weekend

If you want to celebrate the last few days of single life through an ultimately relaxing weekend with the girls then Amsterdam is an ideal place to go. You can book fantastic spa treatments in one of many of Amsterdam’s top class spas as well as relaxing in a 5 star hotel.

You might not even have to leave the hotel to enjoy a massage or beauty treatment prior to the big day. You can sit back and relax in Amsterdam’s quirky cafes and enjoy a bike ride along one of the many incredible canals. If you’re looking to organise a relaxed and laid-back hen party, then Amsterdam can offer spas, massages, beauty parlours and much more!

Party Bachelorette / Hen Weekend

If you’re looking to organise a more traditional hen party, that might be a little on the wild side, then why not try out one of Amsterdam’s many vibrant clubs and bars. There are organised bar crawls that you can book, as well as a night at the casino if that takes your fancy.

During the day you might want to check out a cocktail making class, or even indulge in a fun pole dancing lesson or two before heading back home. Of course there is also a fantastic party boat, where people enjoy drinking and playing lots of fun and sometimes a little rude, games.

Fun and Funny Hen Weekend

If you want to organise a fun weekend to remember, then Amsterdam also offers a whole host of wonderful theatre productions enjoyed by many, particularly stand-up comedians. There are many comedy clubs dotted around Amsterdam, and what better way to spend a hen weekend then laughing your socks off?

There are salsa classes available to book that would be a great giggle, as well as printable treasure maps, which take you all over Amsterdam. You get to see many of the top sights as well as stop off at lots of pubs and cafes along the way. Organising a fun hen party weekend in Amsterdam is so easy with such a wealth of activities available.


Choosing a hotel can be a hard decision, but when you’re planning a hen weekend, the distance of the hotel to the activities you want to take part in is very important. Once you’ve decided the theme and activities that the hen party will enjoy, it is only then that you need to choose a hotel.

This is simply because if you’re planning a party hen weekend, you probably won’t spend much time in the hotel itself, and won’t want to have to pay a lot of money and travel for half an hour at 3 in the morning when you’ve just come out of a club. And of course if you’re planning an ultimate relaxation hen weekend then you will want a hotel with an onsite spa and massage parlour. Car Rental is also an attractive option to get around, just make sure you are within the legal alcohol limit, click this link for a range of offers.


Amsterdam is a beautiful city with lots going on. It’s very easy to organise an exciting hen party weekend, whatever style or theme you are looking for. Amsterdam caters very well for hen party weekends so whatever you decide to do you are guaranteed to have a great time.

Written by Natalie Moody who loves writing about and visiting Amsterdam as often as time and finances permit.

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