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How To Travel Safely In India

How To Travel Safely In India

The moment you step out of the airport in India, you must be ready to face all the vagaries that India has to offer an international tourist.

While there is no doubt that such a fascinating country will give you the travel experience of a lifetime, you must also keep in mind that you need to follow some basic rules on how you can travel safely in India.

Do not put all ‘eggs’ in one place

We are referring to the money that you will carry on your sightseeing tour. It would be prudent to divide your money among multiple places, with very little in your wallet, as that will be first on the radar of mischief makers. Suddenly, keeping some cash in yours socks does not come across as a weird idea.

Travellers checks are a good option

Travellers checks offer complete peace of mind and many tourists use these checks instead of cash for making their purchases. Even if they are stolen or misplaced, you can get a reimbursement from the issuing company  after completing certain formalities.

When in a crowd, take care

The probability of your purse or wallet being snatched is significantly higher when you are walking along a crowded street. Glancing in different directions occasionally will allow a potential pick pocket know that you are vigilant.

The post sunset hours need extra alertness

It is advisable to wrap up your sightseeing trips by sunset and head towards your hotel or an area which has more people. The late evening hours are likely to host anti social elements looking for an easy victim, as less light restricts your ability to clearly see the other person.

Losing your passport is an absolute no-no

You lose money, you lose a lot – but if you lose your passport in a foreign country, heaven help you! The procedure for applying for passport replacement is both cumbersome and time consuming, and will ruin your holiday even before you have begun to enjoy. Instead of keeping your passport in your carry bag, which has a high probability of getting snatched, keep it securely in your trouser pocket and keep checking it from time to time.

Photocopies will help in getting originals

Keep photocopies of all your documents and important phone numbers, importantly of your country’s embassy. In case you lose the originals, these copies will be of great help when you apply for duplicate documents.

Cheap hotels are not always ‘good’

To save a couple of dollars per day, do not compromise your safety by staying in a dodgy looking hotel. It is wiser to spend those extra dollars for choosing a better hotel and buying peace of mind, which is all the more relevant when you are travelling alone.

Sajeed Nandolia is a blogger and works at Essen Travels, the travel company that rents luxurious cars on hire in India. You can interact with Essen Travels on twitter @essentravels.

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