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Tips on How to Travel Without Stress

Tips on How to Travel Without Stress


When it comes to travelling there are two main factors to be considered. The first is cost. With the price of oil continuously on the rise it would appear that the cost of airline tickets, have no ceiling. The second concern is stress, even if it isn’t a business trip and you have no deadline, passing through the airport and arriving at a new destination for the first time can all be stressful, even if it is a vacation that you are supposed to be on.

Trimming Costs

Here are some cheap travel ideas, to try and keep the overall cost of the trip down.
As well as trying all the cheap flight sites on the internet, don’t forget to also check the major airlines as they too sometimes have deals that can beat all others. For instance some airlines will give a discount just for joining their website, so don’t be shy, it costs nothing to check them out.

Where possible keep your flight dates and times as flexible as possible. The difference of just a day or even a few hours can make a big difference in the price of a ticket. The cheapest flights will often be on Tuesday afternoons or on Wednesdays and any new special offers are usually added to the websites on Tuesday afternoons.

Consider a “package” deal. Often when booking a set package deal the combined costs of flight and hotel are far less than if you try to book each separately.

When making your booking check carefully the small print for your baggage allowance, millions of dollars are spent annually on excess baggage fees, don’t be part of this statistic.

Stress Free

These days with all the extra security checks at the airports, it is virtually impossible to have a completely stress free flight, however you can try and make it as painless as possible. Here are some tips on doing just that.

Before setting out on your journey have two Ziploc bags, one marked out going and one marked home coming. In the first you put everything regarding your destination: Hotel address, booking confirmations, contact numbers etc. If possible it is best to have a bit of money in the currency used at your destination. This bag will also hold your passports and tickets and will be kept in your hand baggage. The second bag will be to hold your house keys, car keys, any toll money or car parking fees you need on your return. This is the bag that you will add your return tickets to and eventually your passports for your return trip.

There is hardly anything more stressful when travelling, than to be frantically looking through your luggage at a busy airport. Hopefully the two Ziplocs will avoid that.

With these cheap travel ideas and stress saving tools, hopefully you will have a more enjoyable and less expensive trip.

Fast Tip: Always try and have some of the correct currency on you. Although many places and taxis may take your home currency, their exchange rates are usually extraordinary high. If you can’t get some before leaving on your trip, get at least some at the airport, it’ll be a saving in the long term.

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