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Kayaking When Traveling; What’s in it For Me?

Kayaking When Traveling; What’s in it For Me?


If you feel that you have been everywhere and done everything and you are desperately looking for something new, then kayaking may be just the ticket.

Before we had roads, rivers were our main transport networks and many of the world’s most remote civilisations today are still best visited by river.

Kayaking is a great way to explore remote and relatively unseen locations without the burden of having to hack your way through the undergrowth with a heavy pack on your back.

See the things people miss out on.

One of the most rewarding aspects of a kayaking holiday is that you get to see parts of the world that are still practically untouched by the greater human civilisation. While kayaking along a river in a small group you can often go hours or even days without seeing another person. You can travel with relative safety deep into jungles to reach small villages and settlements. Being so far from major roads also means that you get to experience a much greater diversity of wildlife than you would if you were hiking.

Get social on a paddle.

Kayaking is also quite a sociable way to explore an area. While on foot you do meet new friends and travel together for a while, kayakers tend to stick together for longer – when on the river there is little option but to travel in the same direction! This makes kayaking adventures more like a real exploration into the unknown. Although you will have a have, or at least should, you will have a greater feeling of freedom while also being able to take the lead without fear of taking the wrong route.

Don’t break the bank!

Kayaking is still a relatively inexpensive way to travel. While demand remains low prices are favorable. Often the biggest cost is traveling to your kayaking destination. For example, if you chose to explore the Amazon in Brazil the cost of food and accommodation is minimal. On some river trips you may even catch fish and cook them fresh for your supper and you will camp by the riverside. It is only the airfare that will burn a hole in your pocket.

Fancy an Amazon adventure?

The Amazon is both the largest river system in the world and also one of the most remote. It rises in Peru, Colombia and Brazil and extends to the Amazon basin on the east coast of Brazil. In total it covers around 40% of South America. If you wish to explore the Amazon it is best to head to Manaus in Brazil, which is the biggest city on the Amazon and has an airport.
On a typical kayak tour you will land in Manaus and then travel to a smaller river, such as the Urubu River, which is a mere 500 km long. The smaller rivers are best as they have less traffic and you get a better view of the wildlife. Also, there are very few motor boats so you can almost guarantee peace and tranquillity as you paddle. Usually kayak trips last for a week and during this time you will get to pass through some rapids and waterfalls and camp along the river in some very scenic spots. The river is teeming with wildlife and you should get to see otters, eels, eagles, sweet water dolphins, herons and more.

Not just for long trips.

Kayaking is not all about rivers though. Coastal kayaking is also a great way for wildlife enthusiasts to reach small islands and rocks to discover ecosystems that have hardly been touched by humans too. Next time you end up on the beach why not paddle out to explore?

Stay fit!

Kayaking is a very healthy way to explore. You are constantly active and never get bored, so there is no lounging around a pool ordering snacks and cocktails either.
You will go home after your vacation feeling and looking fitter, plus have the adventure of a lifetime and tales to tell for many years to come.
This piece was written for Evaser by Dan at Sitons.com; the go to site for the sit on top kayaking community. If you’re planning to travel to the British Isles any time soon make sure you check out their UK kayaking map. You can also get connected with SitOns on Facebook.


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