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Visit Langau, Austria For Sports, Culture And Good Food

Visit Langau, Austria For Sports, Culture And Good Food

Langau, Austria is located in the District of Horn. It is a small village that lies in the foothills of the Alps in lower Austria. In July 2010, a triathlon, a multi-sport endurance event, was held there. Langau is a beautiful, relaxing place to visit for a holiday. There are many activities available for your enjoyment.

Langau Culture

Langau citizens are mainly Croats. Most of the population are Roman Catholics. These people should keep it in mind that the church holds a respected opinion. The official language is German, however, English is widely spoken. Handshaking is a custom observed when saying hello and when saying goodbye to anyone and they would be insulted if this formality was not observed. In addition, it is customary to greet salespeople in shops when entering and to give a farewell when leaving.

For those that like to visit local historical sites, the church Maria Himmelfahrt and the Nepomuk column are a must see. Another is the Heimatmusem, a museum of local history. These places will provide you will hours of pleasure.

Sport Activities Include Camping, Cycling, and Water-Skiing

There is a campground for individuals and families who prefer to camp. Motels are available in neighbouring towns for those who prefer more modern conveniences.

Water sports activities are available on the beautiful mining lake. It is one of the best stretches of water for water skiing, water boarding, and other activities. Beginner courses and training for advanced water skiing is available if desired. There is a non-swimmers area, a beach volleyball court, a playground, and a camping ground. There is a also a buffet and a beer garden

The Thaya-Taffa-Wild Circular Trail, also known as the “tranquil trail” is a wonderful cycling trail that passes through Lanau. The trial is approximately 71 ½ miles long and passes through many other villages. The trail is posted and winds past unspoiled lakes, rivers, hills, and plains. There are many places to stop for refreshment along the route.

Good Food Is Standard In Langau.

Lunch is the main meal of the day and generally consists of soup and a main course of meat with sides of vegetables, dumplings or potatoes. A salad may be served last. The evening meal is light and generally includes cold meats, cheese, or smoked fish. Bread and wine or beer is usually served with it.

Different types of sausage are always available. A must try is the garlic sausage. This staple is generally served with bread and wine.

Since the main crop in this region is potato, many recipes include them. A very good choice to eat is the Mohnzelten. They are a poppy seed cake in potato dough. The potatoes are also made into delicious dumplings.

Langau is a beautiful village and should be included on any Austria vacation itinerary. Nestled in the foothills of the Alps, the view is fabulous and the people are friendly and helpful. If you prefer not to drive there, the Bahnhof railway does make a stop in Langau.

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