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Leaving A Hostel With Wet Clothing / Laundry

Leaving A Hostel With Wet Clothing / Laundry

Travel Laundry Tip:

Whether it be from an unexpected rain shower, a Songkran, or you just didn’t give enough time for drying after doing your laundry in the sink the night before – most backpackers and hostelers will go through the experience of travelling with wet clothing / towels. Dank, moist and germ inviting clothing is like a virus that will spread its nastiness and smells to all your other gear with deadly efficiency. Never stuff wet cloth in your backpack! Unless you contain it like a disease, quarantine the subject inside a ziplock bag (or plastic bag if unavailable) until you can air it out to dry. The alternative is to attach it to the outside of your backpack (safety pins, carabiners, straps) while you travel so it can air out as you move. However this method should not be used in crowded or tight spaces.

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