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Worth Two in the Bush – Making the Most of Australia’s Amazing Outback

Worth Two in the Bush – Making the Most of Australia’s Amazing Outback

Though most visitors to Australia simply stick with Sydney and Melbourne, an increasing amount of tourists are heading beyond the city and into the bush. With sights such as Uluru, more commonly known as Ayers Rock, the Great Barrier Reef and Kakadu National Park, you could spend a life time exploring this sun-burnt nation’s natural assets. So if you are heading down under for an extended period, check out these ways to make the most of your stay.

Go Anywhere, Any Time

Backpacking the Australia's Outback

Backpacking the Australia's Outback

If you are considering working in Australia it is often best to broaden your horizons and accept work in fields and areas that you may not have considered. Bar and hospitality jobs in the big cities can be difficult to pick up, so why not think about tending bar somewhere a bit more isolated? And if you hear about an opportunity to pick fruit, drive wagons or clean rooms at a hostel in some remote corner of this vast land, take advantage of it. The job is just your excuse to travel and see the world. If you figure out it is not for you, move on to the next place. For those who have built up a good amount of funds, why not check out volunteer work as well? Plenty of openings exist, tending to endangered animals such as koalas, helping conserve eucalyptus forests in Tasmania or teaching foreign languages to kids in remote schools. As an added bonus such volunteer openings often give you a small stipend and accommodation, and are a great way to stay active beyond your maximum six months of work. Also try not to turn down opportunities to head out and explore as you may never be in the same neck of the woods again in your lifetime, so it could be your only chance to experience something new.

Get to Know the Locals
Local knowledge is key for getting the best out of Australia and avoiding many of the pitfalls tourists and travellers encounter. Want to swim in the Outback? Consult locals to find out if that alluring lake is infested with crocodiles first. Need to find the cheapest transport to Darwin? Local bartenders and landlords will probably know the answer. Aboriginal guides and agricultural workers are also good sources of information before heading out into the wilderness and can take you to many of the finest natural wonders and ensure you don’t get lost or dehydrated.


Stay for Longer
Many people are also attracted to a spell in the Australian Outback because it can help extend their stay down under. People who spend 3 months of their working holiday visa in certain designated areas doing seasonal work in the bush are able to apply for an extra year’s residency in Australia. So going fruit picking up in Queensland, mining in Broome or kangaroo herding in Alice Springs is a popular way for people on their gap year in Australia to stay there even longer.

Don’t be Fussy
Long stays in Australia can drain your bank account in a matter of weeks, so whenever you have to splash the cash, make sure to go for the cheapest option. Whether picking local dives over Michelin starred restaurants, or down and dirty hostels over plush hotels, you will find that, not only do you save money, but you end up meeting far more interesting people. And sometimes, particularly in the more barren corners of the Outback, you don’t really have much choice – it’s either a night in a shared dorm on rickety old bunk beds, or you are sleeping outdoors with the scorpions and snakes. It’s your call.

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