Maldives Beaches: The Best among the World’s Best

If you close your eyes and simply imagine a tropical paradise, you see the Maldives—except the real Maldives are even better than your most exotic, seductive, beguiling and blissful beach fantasies.

Rating top beaches in the Maldives compares with deciding whether Angelina’s Parisian Mont Blanc, Brazil’s coconut-rich Quindin, or Café du Monde’s New Orleans beingets deserve the title “best dessert.” All are perfect.

Discerning, discriminating, and just plain picky, the perfectly tanned, sand-between-their-toes experts at say of the Maldives, “This place can’t miss the best beaches in the world. The only description that would fit for this exotic group of islands, each with its own coral reef, amazing modified by the hand of nature , floating in the idyllic Indian Ocean, is ‘Heaven on Earth.’”

A not-so-well-kept local secret…

Experienced Maldives visitors initiate beginners: “It is well known that The Maldives boast some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. But what the experienced visitor knows is that the very best ones are not fixed. Sand is moved around the coral islands by the seasons, and the moment one interferes to secure it – by setting walls and groynes or by pumping sand – the picturesque perfection, and quality underfoot, are impaired.” The list of the top five, the most perfect among the very perfect, allows one exception to the locals’ rule:


Kanuhura Backpacking

Kanuhura Backpacking

This one tops the list by virtue of the fun factor: Its big lagoon lends itself to hours and hours of family fun, and you can explore real shipwrecks nearby. Dolphins regularly drop in for play-dates, and the resort offers excellent “kids’ club” service while parents enjoy the luxurious spa and truly fine dining. “Pleasure for all,” the brochures say.


Veligandu Backpacking

Veligandu Backpacking

The owners of the Veligandu resort recently invested tons of money and even more vision and eco-friendliness in a comprehensive upgrade; they pushed the place right to the top of the Maldives rankings. However, they wisely kept the relaxed attitude and ambience that always made Veligandu a favorite with return visitors. Best of all, almost all the resort staff have worked there for more than a decade so that visitors feel as though they are staying with family.

Soneva Fushi

Soneva Fushi Backpacking

Soneva Fushi Backpacking

This one stands out as eco-tourists’ favorite because designers and developers have crafted and fashioned everything about the landscape and architecture with consummately green conscience. “Natural,” however, does not translate to “granola.” Soneva Fushi offers arguably the Maldives’ finest food and wine, and there is absolutely no argument that it has by far the islands’ most luxurious spa.


Filitheyo Backpacking

Filitheyo Backpacking

Five-star family-friendly, Filitheryo consistently earns experts’ praise and acclaim as the Maldives’ “best mid-range resort.” Water sports enthusiasts also give Filitheyo high marks for diving and snorkeling. Most of the landscape remains untouched by human hands so that everything grows big and lush all around, preserving the island’s natural seclusion and privacy.

Angsana Ihuru

Angsana Ihuru Backpacking

Angsana Ihuru Backpacking

This one is the exception to the “don’t mess with Nature!” rule. Grounds managers at the resort pump a little sand from their lagoon to make absolutely, measure-with-calipers certain their wide beach remains “unbroken.” They note that scientists characterize their island as “geographically perfect,” and Conde Nast ranks it the second best beach on the entire planet, maybe in the entire known universe. The resort keeps pace with the geography, offering guests “simple, quiet luxury.”

Bliss beyond the list

Tourist-friendly and searchable via Goggle maps, this list obviously includes only beaches that come fully equipped with resorts and proper amenities. Because nearly 1,000 of the islands in the Maldives remain uninhabited, perhaps untouched by any human foot, you may discover the “best-beyond-best” beach as you explore the atolls for yourself. Experienced Maldives travelers recommend you keep that secret all to yourself.

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