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Moving Abroad: The Top Ten Countries To Retire To In 2014

Moving Abroad: The Top Ten Countries To Retire To In 2014

So, the time has come for you to stop working, kick back, relax and enjoy the fruits of the last 50+ years of hard work and make the most of your golden years. Instead of staying put, more and more retirees are looking to fly the nest they’ve made over the last few decades and see the world.

These top ten countries, which range from Europe to the Caribbean, offer luxury and practicality in equal measure, so you can enjoy your later years in comfort as well as security.


With stunning landscapes, scorching climate and white sandy beaches, Malaysia is certainly one of the most idyllic and picturesque choices of the top ten retirement nations. Practically speaking, too, it’s an ideal choice with an incredibly low cost of living and most natives unofficially speaking English as a first language.


The perfect retirement haven, with over 3,000 annual hours of sunshine and an average temperature of 19c (with 30 degree highs during the summer months) mean it’s the ideal sunny paradise to relax during your golden years. And with most Maltese people speaking English as a first language, you’ll be able to integrate seamlessly.


OK, we’ve all seen the news and it certainly paints Greece in rather a grim state. But, as your careful financial planning has got you far enough to be able to move abroad, you’ll be able to enjoy the many outweighing benefits Greece can provide including fantastic weather, scenery, great healthcare and rock bottom crime rates.


A wonderfully idyllic choice as well as a fantastically practical one, too. By choosing to move to Jamaica for your retirement years you’ll benefit from friendly English-speaking communities, incredibly affordable property prices, and an average temperature of 27 degrees all year round for a truly tropical Caribbean climate.


A fantastic healthcare system, beautiful weather (with 30 degree summers and a perfect breeze to take the edge of the heat) and wallet-pleasingly low property prices, Portugal may be one of the best retirement destinations in Europe. While many perceive France as the number one emigration destination, house prices in Portugal are actually a third of that of their French counter-party.

Mauritius Islands

Mauritius has everything any retiree should be looking for in a country to settle down in – gorgeous weather, a great healthcare system, picturesque landscapes and beaches, and an attractively low cost of living. On top of all this, the government of Mauritius has also introduced a special retirement visa to encourage people to emigrate and retire.


The first thing that will strike potential retirees about Ecuador is its jaw-droppingly low property prices. Compared with the United States, property prices in Ecuador are generally about 10% of the price for a like-for-like comparison, making a $1 million property in American cost less than $200,000 in Ecuador. Topped off with a fantastic climate, great culture and a friendly, welcoming attitude to both foreigners and seniors, it’s a great choice for retirement.


Like Mauritius, Panama loves attracting foreign retirees and has a great visa and incentive program to lure you in making the transition a breeze and quite beneficial. It also has as low living cost with most modest incomes or pensions allowing a very comfortable lifestyle.

Costa Rica

Like all the countries on this list, Costa Rica has that magic mix of low living costs and beautiful weather, but also benefits from incredibly affordable quality healthcare and a bustling ex-pat community of like-minded retirees. While some countries, particularly the US with its controversially expensive healthcare system, would require their seniors to continue working, countries like Costa Rica allow the deserved enjoyment of retirement.


Like Greece, you hear ‘Cambodia’ and you instantly think of awful things, including a tainted history. Times have changed in the last 20 years, and the negative perceptions are a misrepresentation of an affordable country with fantastic culture and friendly, proud communities. Living costs are incredibly cheap, with rent and bills costing no more than a few hundred dollars per month. There are also great landscapes and beaches, a populous ex-pat community and a vastly improving infrastructure. And if we had to sway you any more, you can enjoy a beer in a local bar for as little as 50 cents.

Moving Abroad: The Top Ten Countries To Retire To In 2014

This post was written by Tom McShane – an avid writer who, despite being a long way off retiring (ruling out a nine-figure lottery win), loves traveling and dreams of spending his golden years in sunnier climates. He might have a mild fear of flying, but his stuff will be safe with King’s Removals.


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