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PHOTO : Panoramic POV Tuk-Tuk Ride In Thailand

PHOTO : Panoramic POV Tuk-Tuk Ride In Thailand

Also known as auto-rickshaws, Tuk-tuks are motorized cabin cycles running on three wheels and found in many developing countries as private taxis. Just as yellow taxis outnumber regular vehicles in Manhattan, tuk-tuks are an essential vehicle for hire for urban transport in Thailand. I took this photo with an iPhone as a panoramic shot on our way to Tiger Kingdom, Chiang Mai, Thailand. The 30 minute ride there and back as well as waiting for an hour while we were with the tigers was just 250 Baht with a generous tip. That’s about $8 USD. A ride like that in New York City could cost more than $80, plus tip.

[Photography by EVASER]

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