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4 Places In New York To Find True Romance

New York may be one of the most famous, iconic and above all romantic cities in the world. Few other places in the world have locations known for multiple appearances in multiple blockbuster films and much loved tv shows.

If you ever have the chance to bring your partner on a Vacation to this city there are a few must see spots that are guaranteed to make your stay a romantic one.

Central Park, of Course

This park right at the centre of New York city is the spot where every working New Yorker hangs out on lunch on a sunny summer’s day. The park itself is massive and when you first see it you might be somewhat taken back.

In the evening time though, there are plenty of opportunities for romance. A horse drawn cart is one option, and taking a picnic on the grass or a row boat on one of the lakes are both fun and relaxing. And if you are here during the fall a walk through piles of golden brown leaves is a must.

Empire State Building Viewing Deck

This particular building, and more importantly the viewing deck right at the top have been a staple in romantic films for decades. The most famous appearance though was arguably in “An Affair To Remember” the iconic classic from the 1950’s.

On a clear day you can see out for miles across New York, but my recommendation is to go and see it at night when the whole city becomes a forest of lights – viewed from above it is truly beautiful.

Brooklyn’s Gardens

Brooklyn is home to some of the world’s largest botanical gardens. These gardens are full of wonderful exotic flowers and various interesting plants from all across the world.

The best romantic treat though comes on Valentines day when if you’re lucky the whole gardens are filled with the color of flowers in bloom – particularly the cherry blossoms!

The Rockefeller Ice Rink

Even if you didn’t know it was called the Rockefeller centre I am sure you know exactly what I mean. Come to New York in the winter time and you can hire a pair of skates and enjoy an hour or two skating on the worlds most famous ice rink.

Ice skating is of course a great recipe for a romantic date anyway, but when you think of all the Hollywood stars that have been there before you this becomes one of most romantic travel experiences available.

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With thanks to Ricky from passionsearch.com for this little slice of world travel romance.

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