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Plan For A Trip To The Most Beautiful Countries Around The Globe

Plan For A Trip To The Most Beautiful Countries Around The Globe

There are many countries around the world that have fascinating and stunning landscapes. The countries in the top 10 list are blessed with abundant natural resources and striking architecture, which makes them the perfect destination for you to tour.

Vernazza, Cinque Terre, Italy

World Travel to Italy


Italy tops the list of the most beautiful country and it is one of the favorite destinations of millions of people. There are a lot of things for one to explore and enjoy such as exotic European culture, excellent wines, Mediterranean cuisine, music and fascinating landscape. This country is located in the central part of the southern Europe and populated with more than 60 million people. Some of the fascinating cities of Italy are Florence, Roma, Venice, Milan, Genoa, and Naples.


World Travel to Spain


It is the perfect destination for the people, who love adventure and travelers surely enjoy the unique diversity of this place. Here you can spot some of the finest beaches of the world and mountains for you to trek. Spectacular architecture of the historical monuments and different cultures really impress people. Madrid is the popular destination and it is often called as the city that never sleeps. Barcelona is another famous place in Spain and it is known for beaches, stunning architecture, water sports and cosmopolitan atmosphere.

Travel to Acropolis, Greece

World Travel to Greece


It is one of the places where the first civilization took hold on the continent. Greece is the wonderful place for one to relax and cherish in the midst of the beautiful beaches and islands. It is the place where Olympic Games, democracy, political science, western literature, philosophy and drama are held. Some of the beautiful places of Greece include Meteora, Athens, Santorini, Delphi, Kefalonia, Crete, and Acropolis.

Other Stunning Places of the World:

  • Australia is a splendid country with the most beautiful beaches and magnificent scenery. If you are planning to visit this country then don’t miss the Kakadu National Park, Great Barrier Reef, Sydney Harbour Bridge, and Sydney Opera House.

  • Portugal is fifth in the list and is blessed with immense natural wonders. Some of the fascinating things that might impress you are floating garden (Madeira), Alentejo village, Peneda-Geres National Park, Douro Valley, Lisbon and Porto. Just visit the coastal lines of Portugal to get the amazing sight of the Atlantic Ocean.

  • Paris is the first word uttered by people when you say France and it is known for their architecture and art. Visit this place and get amazed by seeing some of the historical monuments.

  • Brazil is one of the greatest economic giants of the world and travelers to this place are really astonished by the beaches, Amazon forest, and rich faunas.

  • Germany is a beautiful place for one to live and rejoice and most of the travelers like to visit this country again and again. Some of the noticeable things are culture, landscapes and cuisine.

  • Cape Town is the word that you remember when you think about South Africa. Diverse location makes it as one of the striking locations on Earth.

  • USA is a country with lots of natural and man-made attraction. Some of the places like the Grand Canyon, Hawaiian Islands, Big Sur, and Lake Tahoe make USA beautiful.

These countries are some of the most beautiful places for one to visit and to get immersed in their natural beauty. Plan a vacation to any one of these places and enjoy the beauty of it along with your family.

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